As some of you may know, Emily from Livin' Vintage flew in to St. Louis from Michigan this weekend to meet up with Amanda and I for some St. Louis vintage shopping. It was a crazy weekend and we are all completely exhausted but we had a good time and found some good finds. A lot of it was a blur so I really can't remember exactly what I bought but here are the highlights....
Emily flew in on Friday and Amanda and I picked her up from the airport. She looked super cute in black and white, sporting a black veiled vintage hat and toting her vintage Samsonite train case. Sadly, I couldn't find my camera that morning so I have no pics from her arrival day. After picking her up, we dove straight into our adventures in shopping by stopping at two estate sales in the downtown St Louis area. We also drove right by Value Village, which is a huge thrift store that none of us had ever visited. Amanda made a quick turn around and we went inside. I found a great navy purse and a few cute dresses. Amanda made quite a find at the antique mall next door with a fabulous green, black and cream leather purse. I really think her purse was the big find of the weekend!
The second estate sale that we hit had a whole room loaded with clothes and all three of us left the house with a few goodies in hand. We went back to my house where Pj had mushroom barely stew and salad waiting for us for dinner.
The next morning, we went back to that crazy warehouse from my Extreme Vintage Hunting post. This time, we were prepared with large tote bags and Rosie The Riveter gear (because we didn't want to ruin our good vintage in that mess!)
We headed straight for the clothes and after a few hours of digging, packing and finding really gross old chow mein noodles, we left with 4 bags in hand. Amanda's boyfriend, Joe and my husband, Pj were kind enough to help us carry our loot!

After the warehouse sale, we drove through downtown and went to the Courtesy Diner for lunch and a wardrobe change.

Amanda knows where all of the good thrifting in St. Louis is so she took us to the big Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul and Goodwill. I found a pair of super cute shoes at Goodwill for $3!
After Saturday's shopping expedition, we came back to my place for Chinese food. We had a pretty rough storm brewing in our area and the tornado sirens went off in the middle of our chinese feast but we just hung out in my living
room and kept an eye on the sky. In many places, when sirens go off, people run for cover. In St Louis, we all go outside to see what's going on! *lol*
After the weather cleared, we went to the St. Louis Mills Mall and found snoods in every color for $3 each!!
Sunday, we all slept in and met at noon for the end if our shopping adventures. I took the girls to my two favorite antique malls and as an early Mother's Day gift, Pj bought me a pair of bakelite earrings that I've had my eye on for a while. Amanda wanted some carved bakelite so I found bakelite buttons in green (her favorite color) so I can make a pair of carved bakelite earrings for her. After lunch, we took Emily to the airport so she could fly home to Michigan with her vintage treasures in tow. Hope you had a great time in St. Louis, Emily!