plus size casual vintage fashion

Last Thursday, for our weekly date night, Pj took me to play mini golf for the second time in my entire life. The sun was shining, the day was gorgeous and the company was very entertaining, as always. We had so much fun, even though I'm a pretty lousy player! This past summer, we visited my Aunt and Uncle in Denver, Colorado where my Uncle Jeremy's golf obsession rubbed off on Pj who hated golf until we got to Denver! I've never seen a beginner drive a ball like my husband! He's like Happy Gilmore, minus the temper!
So, Pj has learned quite a bit about golf since last summer and was able to give me a few lessons. It didn't keep me from having to hit the ball at least 6 times to get it in the hole, though!

The night before I slept in pin curls, which turned out to be the best pin curls I've done so far! They were more like soft curls and waves than my usual frizzy clown hair. This is my new skirt, just picked up on Tuesday from my local Salvation Army thrift store. I really do think that the messier and grungy thrift stores tend to have the best stuff! I also found a cute white cropped sweater and 2 vintage dresses for just a few bucks! A word about vintage shopping- make sure that all zippers are in good working order! Not only should they zip up all the way, but they should also stay zipped up! I needed a brown pencil skirt and when I found this one with such a perfect length and fit, I couldn't say no. It wasn't until Pj got home from work that I noticed that the back zipper doesn't like to stay zipped! Luckily, I can replace the zipper with no problem but do check for things like that to avoid any "wardrobe malfunctions"!
Chocolate Pencil Skirt- S.A. thrift store
Atomic print top- thrifted
Cropped blue cardigan- goodwill
Brown sculpted leather flats-Target