Pin Culrs: The Sequel


1940s pin curls tutorial and polka dot dress
1940s pin curls tutorial and polka dot dress
1940s pin curls tutorial and polka dot dress
1940s pin curls tutorial and polka dot dress
Thank you to all of my wonderful readers for advice and suggestions for pin curls. I'm a newbie pin-curler but with a little help and vegging out in front of you tube, I think I have it figured out!

Tonight is weekly date night for Pj and I, so I did some pin curls this afternoon and after some brushing out and styling, here's how it turned out! Again, more practice and then I'll post a tutorial for my fellow pin-curling newbies!

Don't you love this dress? We'll, it's actually a two-piece skirt and blouse! I picked this gem up from  Lolo and Ruby's on etsy

Oh, this hat is the very first vintage hat that I ever bought. I used to work with adults with developmental disabilities and every year, we had a tea party to invite friends and family to dress up and have lots of yummy foods,and visit the day program that I worked for. I wore this hat for my first tea party.

So, here I am, dolled up for a date with my hubby (he hates when I call him "hubby" so I don't do it often). We're finally going to go see Sherlock Holmes, just have to get the peach ready to go hang out with her Grannie!

update- see my popular pin curl tutorial: Pin Curls 101
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Dress- Lolo and Ruby's on etsy
hat- Alton IL shop (forgot the name!)
gloves- (same shop as the hat)
shoes- thrifted 2 date nights ago!


  1. Ooh fabby polka dot dress! In fact, generally lovely ensemble xx

    Tuppence Ha'penny

  2. I love your dress and your hair and hat looks gorgeous!

  3. Love the dress and those shoes super cute!!!!

  4. Very nice and it only took you two tries! Isn't weird how much you have to brush it? Looks adorable :)

  5. Just discovered your blog and am so glad I did! From one "curvy" gal to another, I can already tell I'm going to be spending a lot of time here!

    You look *gorgeous*, btw, bet you knocked your man's socks off on date night! ;)

  6. You look beautiful! your hair looks great too! I love that dress too =)

  7. First of all you look so fabolous a woman can be! And the babie, such a cutie!

  8. She is so cute with her little lipstick kiss!


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