vintage button collection

This weekend, I found some beautiful vintage buttons for my collection and a vintage compact!
Olivia has been sick for the past week so my sewing has been put aside. Luckily, she's feeling better and the daddy is off on weekend so I've been able to pick up where I left off on my 50's inspired house dress.

I finished most of it on Friday night, all except for brown buttons, which I didn't have. So, on Saturday morning, we ran up the street to the St. Charles Antique mall in search of matching brown buttons. They have an enormous shelf loaded with boxes of vintage buttons.

 The boxes are all labeled according to color so it's pretty easy to find what you're looking for.
I found lots of great brown buttons and other fabulous plastic and fabric covered ones that I had to bring home with me to join the others in my fledgling button box. Look how pretty they all are! I think that many of them will end up as embellishments on some gloves that I will be making soon!

While rummaging for buttons, I also found this fabulous Armand Rouge compact with the rouge still in it. It's the most hideous shade of "obnoxious" that I have ever seen. In fact, if you've ever seen a chalk line used for construction marking, it is the exact same color. Needless to say, I'll be filling it with my own peachy blush instead.

vintage button collection
vintage makeup compact

We also picked up a 1956 copy of Alice In Wonderland for my little peach. Even though I already own 2 copies of vintage Alice, I just can't resist when I see an inexpensive one in such good condition.
vintage Alice in Wonderland book

The thing I love about antique malls is that they are always changing stock, adding things and new booths are popping up all the time. I found one that I didn't notice before that has a large collection of bakelite bangles. I resisted the urge...maybe next time!

 Drop on by in a day or so to see pics of my pretty brown polka dot house dress!