Learning to be a Vintage Housewife


1950s housewife and baby with 50s dress and apron via va-voom vintage

1950s housewife and baby with 50s dress and apron via va-voom vintage

Now that my husband is back to work after a two week vacation, I'm back to the usual housewife days.  As Olivia gets older, my chore schedule changes and right now it seems like every week, I'm re-learning how to do my job as a housewife.

This is my first 1950s dress. It's just a shabby little house dress and it's missing a button so I think I will replace the white ones with prettier blue ones and maybe I'll make a blue belt to dress up a plain frock.  It's very comfortable and made in easily washable cotton so I wear it often.

I find that a house dress is just as comfortable as pajama pants but I feel so much better and more put together. When I get dressed, I'm ready to take on the day and work instead of lounging around all day. 

1950s house dress and apron via va-voom vintage

Apron-St. Charles antique mall


  1. I thought that picture was from an old magazine! Amazing!

    Your baby chick is gorgeous. I'm a sucker for all kinds of babies - If I ever come to Missouri, I'll be gushing all over her (and your clothes too!)

  2. aww, thanks!! My husband is a great photographer! I'm sure I'll be posting plenty of other pics of my little peach!

  3. Adorable!!! what a great little set of pictures.

  4. Aww, these are such sweet pictures :-)

    Cute Cute blog, now following!


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