My first thrift store re-style projects


plus size vintage style thrift store finds via Va-Voom Vintage

Today I had my first real thrift store haul. A huge snow storm hit Missouri. It was so pretty that we had to get out of the house. There's a Goodwill right up the street, next to the grocery store. In the window, I saw what looked like bright red shawls! When I got in, I was disappointed to see that they were just felt Christmas tree skirts.

Aside from the mistaken tree skirts and -adorable- shoes that were all too small, I did find some treasures and all of it was less than $15!

plus size vintage style thrift store finds via Va-Voom Vintage
The jacket pictured above still had a price tag on it for $86 but since it was at goodwill, I only paid $4. The wool skirt above was also a steal and fits perfectly. The red cardigan and black polka dot skirt is a project in the making.

The skirt and cardigan are...less than pleasing. I think the skirt could use new buttons and a few inches off the bottom. Here's a great tutorial from Casey on how to refashion a cardigan so it's not so frumpy.

Vintage Style from Target


vintage style argyle and button socks with mustard handbag from Target via Va-Voom Vintage
vintage style mustard cardigan, mustard handbag, knee high socks and pin curls via Va-Voom Vintage

Here's my sad first attempt at trying pin curls and victory rolls. My hair doesn't curl well and it's been a while since I've done something aside from a ponytail. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Christmas is over!! It's not that I don't love the lights, the cookies and getting all dressed up. Its that I have an enormous family and so many places to go! 12 days of Christmas is no lie.

It was a great Christmas though, and my little Olivia really enjoyed her first holiday season and her very first white Christmas. The thing I really love about this time of year, though are the great sales! Pj and I ran out to Target this morning to pick up a baby swing for our little peanut. Oh, Target. How do I love you, let me count the ways.....

1.) "yucky yellow" purse. I guess it's more of a mustard color, but I lovingly call it "yucky yellow" because to be blunt, it's the color of breast fed baby poo. However, my association to poo does not keep me from squealing "EEeeeeee! It's a yucky yellow purse!" as I run down the aisles of the accessories section to snatch it up.

Not only is it yucky yellow (my new favorite color) but its big enough to fit my keys, wallet, baby wipes and over 10 cloth diapers.  I do adore my Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag (It's so chic!) but I really don't like to lug it around the store just so I can pick up milk, cat litter and laundry detergent. The best thing about my lovely purse is that it was on sale.

2.) Mustard cardigan.Again, my new favorite color so I had to have it.

3.) Lovely Green Sweater. I adore green this time of year. Missouri is so gray and bleak. There's nothing that brightens me up like green.

4.) Knee-High Socks. The sock selection at Target is usually pretty good. It was a bit picked over today, being the day after x-mas, but I still found a few fabulous pairs, some with buttons, some argyle and all various colors of vintage style.

Socks- Target
Purse- Target

How I fell for vintage


1940s halo hat and peplum blouse with wiggle skirt via va-voom vintage
Hello there! My name is Brittany, Im a 24 year old housewife and stay at home mom from St Louis. I have always loved fashion and spent many years sewing costumes for LARP (live action role-playing games), renaissance faires, Halloween and just because I love it.

I love to study historical fashion and design some of my own clothes and costumes. I married my husband, Pj last year and quit my job as a cook to be a housewife in January of this year. I had my first baby girl, Olivia in October and since then, became too busy for silly things like getting out of my pajamas. I lived in my yoga pants for over a month, while adjusting to mommyhood and one day decided that I had enough with no longer being fashionable.

I remembered my grandma telling me all about the way housewives were in the 50's, how they always wore dresses even to clean, how shorts were never appropriate for a lady (according to her mother).  While the baby napped, I passed afternoons watching my daily fix of Desperate Housewives re-runs thinking about how Bree Van DeKamp manages to clean her house, bake fabulous desserts and keep such a perfect little flippy 'do.

 Soon I realized that 50s style shirt dresses would be perfect for a stay at home mommy to wear on a daily basis.

 They'd be comfy, pretty and I could even wear my little vintage aprons when I cook dinner and clean house. That's when it all began. Then it occurred to me that in the 50s, most ladies didn't have "junk in the trunk" (like me!) and most of them didn't wear a size 9 shoe (like me) and most of them didn't have an obnoxiously enormous bust size (like me).

I've spotted some vintage clothes at antique shops and have never seen anything remotely close to a size 16. 

 I went on a shopping expedition and found some vintage style patterns at my local fabric store, picked up some fabric (woo-hoo, 60% off wool blends!) and got my butt to the sewing machine. I found some great vintage buttons at the antique mall up the street to complete the look.

 I hope that you enjoy joining me on my journey from pajama clad mom to vintage fabulous.

Skirt-handmade by me
Blouse-handmade by me (pattern was slightly altered)
Hat-The Vintage Haberdashery
Gloves- Alton, IL antique store
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