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Be Victorious


We all have our obstacles in life. Some are weighed down by them and some choose to fight and get through them. My dear friend, Daffny inspires me so much because she is such a fighter! When I first met her, she was a stay at home mom with 3 small children trying to find her glamorous side. Like many of us, she wanted to pick up a few pretty dresses and fix up her hair but she had her own obstacles.

Daffny was born with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease. She says,

"CMT affects the major nerves that go down your arms and legs. Nerves conduct the muscles and make them strong. Basically from my elbow to my hands and from my knees to my feet I am weaker than most people......My hands are sort of crooked (you really have to look hard to notice), I have trembles and shakes in them. I often find humor when one of my fingers starts to twitch for no reason..Crazy hands of mine!"

She wears plastic braces on her legs, which she had been used to hiding under pants all of her life. She said she could never wear pretty dresses and certainly never heels or pretty shoes because she has to wear her braces. She was afraid of what people would say or think about her and her braces and shoes.

I am not a "can't" person. When someone tells me I cant, I prove them wrong and I wanted to see her prove herself wrong. No woman should ever let her age, body size, disability or anything get in the way of her feeling beautiful and good about herself.

On her first trip to Missouri to visit me, I told her that I would get her in a dress and we'll see how many people talk about it.  She came, wearing pants and during a photo shoot, I let her borrow a fabulous dress to highlight her Latina style.  I've heard people say " she's glowing".  Well this girl was glowing so bright, she could have lit up all of New York. She wore the dress with her braces and custom made shoes. It was like she was blooming in front of that camera.

The scariest part was going out for pizza after the shoot. Sure enough, a man came up to the table and talked to her. Not about the plastic things on her legs or "what's wrong" with her or the shoes. He told her how gorgeous she looked and that he loved her style. Read more about that photo shoot on Bunny's Victory

Some of us have a natural "I don't care what people think" attitude and some are always conscious of other people's ideas.  Either our culture or our city dictates how people should be and what they should wear. Its not easy to be brave and develop an armor but she did it.

Now, Bunny runs all over New York in her colorful dresses and braces. Instead of being weighed down by the chunky plastic braces and shoes, she allowed them to work with her new found personal style and they've become her signature accessory.

She was recently featured in Vintage Life Magazine with photos of her in a dress and braces.

 Since her hands are weak, she's still practicing her hair and makeup looks. Its not easy to hold an eye liner or pin curl hair with shaky, weak hands but she perseveres and every new vintage outfit is celebrated as a victory.

Duo Mood Pin Curl Set May,1953


Good morning, lovelies! I'm cleaning house and packing bags today to prepare for a wonderful 3 day weekend at my mom's new home in the country.

We're going to fish and play in the river and drink iced tea on the porch and it will be a wonderful time. I'm having a hell of a time packing- what to wear?! I need to mend my 50s swimsuit, adjust the collar on a dress I wanted to bring and pack my Wearing History overalls for sure. Oh, maybe my wearing history jeans will finally make their debut!

Anyway, I thought I'd leave you today with a lovely pin curl set from one of my vintage magazines. I love to try to recreate these, although they usually need the right cut to get the same look but its fun to see what pin curl sets look like on different lengths and get inspired by these old looks. This set is from American Hairdresser Magazine May 1953. I love all of the old ads in these mags, don't you?

If you need help with your pin curl sets, see my tutorials page, which includes Pin Curls 101, Pin Curl Basics and sets for Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth looks.

1950s pin curl set
1950s pin curl set how-to

1950s pin curl set

1950s dress advertisement

1950s Rita Hayworth

1950s Coty ad

Downton Style Hair Accessories


downton abbey style hair accessories and downton hairstyles via va voom vintage

Today, we have a sponsor feature from Busy Momma's Hair Effects, a new sponsor this month. As soon as I saw these beautiful beaded hair accessories, they reminded me of the gorgeous post-Edwardian era hair styles in Downton Abbey.

Lilla Rose started as a small family owned business, making and selling beaded hair accessories to pay the bills like many etsy sellers and crafters. Now, 20 years later, Lilla Rose has sold millions of pieces and opened their business to consultants for opportunities to sell Lilla Rose products on their own websites and parties, similar to Avon and Mary Kay.

One of my new sponsors, Jennifer McCann is a Lilla Rose consultant with her business, Busy Momma's Hair Effects   Check out the hair styling videos on how these accessories work. Read on for inspiration and ideas for how to created Downton Abbey inspired hair styles.

lady sybil downton abbey style hair accessories and downton hairstyles via va voom vintage

Create a Lady Sybil inspired twisted updo with easy-to-use flexi-clips, which come in a variety of sizes.

Lady Mary Downton Abbey style hair accessories and downton hairstyles via va voom vintage

Pull hair back in a low chignon and add sparkle with a few beaded hair sticks like Lady Mary's classic look.

Lady Edith Downton Abbey style hair accessories and downton hairstyles via va voom vintage

For a modern bob like Lady Edith, curl your hair and accessorize with a few simple and elegant hair pins

 Downton Abbey style hair accessories and downton hairstyles via va voom vintage

Beaded hairbands were all the rage in the time of Downton. Layer these beaded bands or wear two criss-crossed for a Grecian look.

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Swoon Worthy Sunday: Sick Day Remedies


Last week, the little ones were sick and as it usually happens, I got it too! This Sunday, I'm lounging around drinking loads of orange juice. Since cold season is right around the corner, I thought I'd share some of my favorite comforts and remedies for feeling better.

,Doctor Who tardis robe, star trek robe,wonder woman coffee cup, cute socks for a sick day care package

The most important comfort for me are snuggly warm socks. I have a massive stash of cozy socks in fun colors in a basket in my closet. The selection above selection is from Happy Socks- the cutest socks on the web.

While laying around on sick days, I usually get a selection of snacks, cup of tea from a cute mug (love this Wonder Woman mug )and geek out. These Tardis and Star Trek robes are the perfect treat for a girl on the mend.

 Although getting dolled up is the last thing on my mind when I'm sick, I do make sure to keep my face moisturized and these cool cucumber eye pads help me get some beauty rest. My grandma bought a jar of these for me with some other good smelly pretties for my birthday one year and I've been hooked ever since. They smell so nice and aren't they cute- they look like cucumber slices!

The steal of the week are the cucumber eye pads- on sale for $4.40 for 24 pads.

Plus Size Clothing from Bombshell Vintage


bombshell vintage plus size blue cape

 "Dress for your style, not your size" is the motto at Bombshell Vintage and wise words to live by! 

After years of sourcing and selling plus size vintage clothes, Kate is expanding Bombshell Vintage to offer a unique reproduction range, specializing in suits and dresses.

bombshell vintage plus size julie suit
Julie Suit

 Kate says, "The theme of the story being “All Eyes Are On You”, Bombshell Vintage contrasts striking colour with monochromatic detail to create a capsule wardrobe that will knock people’s socks off at the office, a night out, or even an evening at a luxurious ball. Bombshell Vintage strives to satisfy women’s inner glamazon, enabling plus size women to feel as awesome on the outside as they do on the inside..."

plus size handmade dresses from bombshell vintage
1950s style plus size miller dress and plus size Dita style pencil dress
 Bombshell Vintage sizes range from 14 to 28 but if you're a specialty size, you can order a custom fit as well. Is there anything more luxurious? 
bombshell vintage plus size dress

Kate says, "Also, we're launching it at a mini plus size fashion festival I'm organizing called Curvy Couture Roadshow, in Perth (Australia) in September, which is showcasing indie plus size designers, most of which have a vintage feel."

A 5 Minute Vintage Look


plus size vintage retro fashion from Va-Voom Vintage
There are days that I spend a silly amount of time getting ready but more often than not, I throw something together in a matter of minutes, get the kids dressed and I'm out the door. Yesterday was one of those days.

I had just pin curled my hair for this weekend so I put on a scarf and some equally colorful separates and accessories. I found this courdory green skirt when Bunny was in town this spring and I absolutely love it- especially the pockets! Rhys had just woken up from a nap and needed a mommy snuggle.

carved bakelite bracelets from va-voom vintage

I  took a tip from Dita too- for days that you can't spend an hour putting on makeup, just slick on some lipstick and put on some sunglasses. Instantly glamorous and no one knows that I'm a hot mess under those glasses!

vintage retro sheer pinup head scarf hair style from Va-Voom Vintage

Blouse- thrifted
Skirt- thrifted
assorted bakelite
flocked scarf- thrifted
shoes- Aris Allen Rug Cutter wedges

My Vintage Dining Room


 Things have been slow around here for a few days. We're all recovering from moving my mom into her beautiful new home in the country, not far from Meramec Caverns here in Missouri. I was sad to have mom move far away but it's a beautiful drive and only an hour and a half away so not too bad at all. There's a lot of beautiful small towns and antique shops along the way so I think I will be adding to my Vintage Tour of Missouri posts very soon!!

I brought my camera, a dress and pair of heels to take pics while we were there on Saturday but by the end of the day, all I wanted to do was drink a margarita and crash. We're going back to the country for Labor Day weekend so we will take a ton of pics and you can see my beautiful new weekend getaway.

Since we're just lounging at home, I thought I'd show you one of my favorite lounge spots- the kitchen couch.

 After buying our new sofa months ago, I had this funny 1950s metal frame couch that I didn't have room for anymore. So, we put it in the kitchen!

I love having a couch in the kitchen. I often lounge here while Pj makes something wonderful for dinner or guests sit here and chat during family gatherings. It's right next to my wardrobe closet so it's often a catch-all for hats and dresses and anything I decide to pull out to get a closer look at. Since I haven't found a spot for my huge hat collection yet, I keep hat boxes safe under the couch. That's my dress closet over there- I'll show you more of that in another post!

The original cushions are in dire need of repair but I haven't found the perfect fabric yet so in the mean time, I covered it with this sunny yellow chenille bed spread and a few pillows that Olivia and I made this spring.

I made our curtains using a vintage tablecloth that was pretty worn and faded in spots. I love using these fun fabric prints throughout the house. I also framed some 1940s food ads to hang above the table.

Here's a peek inside my china cabinet. I am not a fan of being limited to one china pattern so I buy random pieces as I find them so I can enjoy all of the beautiful patterns that I love.  These are all from thrift stores and rummage sales with the exception of my beloved Bing Crosby Percolator, which I found on etsy.

china cabinet- craigslist
china- thrifted
kitchen couch- craigslist
dining table and chairs-thrifted
vintage high chair- garage sale
chenille bed spread- etsy
vintage radio- antique mall
curtains- made from a worn out vintage table cloth

Also check out my salt and pepper collection, which is on a shelf in the dining room

Swoon Worthy Sunday: Fall into something Cozy


Autumn is my favorite time of year! From September to November, we celebrate 3 birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, pumpkin patches, long drives with the windows down and all of the beautiful colors and caramel treats that come with those three short months. If there were a location that remained in a constant state of autumn, I would live there happily.

Another beautiful thing about autumn is the wardrobe change. Wool skirts, layers with cardigans, capelets, cozy socks and hello....mustard accessories!!

Here are 3 perfect autumn dresses to layer and accessorize with color- All on sale at Shabby Apple right now. The first is a beautiful wool blend tweed sheath , fully lined with a square neckline and over sized buttons. 

I love this dress with grey bow tights from Ruche. In apple red cotton twill is this sexy 60s style dress with 3/4 length sleeves and retro rolled collar. Next, a simple and timeless dress in grey wool blend with a cute bow at the natural waist. This is one of those much loved pieces that can be worn throughout the year for any occasion but for something unique and really fun, pair it with faux suede mustard pumps from Ruche 

Like the mustard pumps, this summery yellow skirt with white piping and asymmetrical accents carries you from spring through summer and deep into fall. Try it with cozy tights and a cardigan in cooler months and cotton pique and peep toe wedges again next spring.

This week's steals
There are so many good deals this week, especially since all 3 featured dresses are currently 50% off but I think the best steal are these great mustard pumps at $34.99
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