plus size vintage retro fashion from Va-Voom Vintage
There are days that I spend a silly amount of time getting ready but more often than not, I throw something together in a matter of minutes, get the kids dressed and I'm out the door. Yesterday was one of those days.

I had just pin curled my hair for this weekend so I put on a scarf and some equally colorful separates and accessories. I found this courdory green skirt when Bunny was in town this spring and I absolutely love it- especially the pockets! Rhys had just woken up from a nap and needed a mommy snuggle.

carved bakelite bracelets from va-voom vintage

I  took a tip from Dita too- for days that you can't spend an hour putting on makeup, just slick on some lipstick and put on some sunglasses. Instantly glamorous and no one knows that I'm a hot mess under those glasses!

vintage retro sheer pinup head scarf hair style from Va-Voom Vintage

Blouse- thrifted
Skirt- thrifted
assorted bakelite
flocked scarf- thrifted
shoes- Aris Allen Rug Cutter wedges