I'm loved!


I feel so loved! I was just awarded the "I "heart" your blog award" by the Extraordianary Housewife
I have never seen the Extraordinary Housewife before now but I love them! The Extraordinary Housewife is written by 5 extraordinary ladies, all about cooking, keeping a tidy home and looking fabulous while doing it! What girl couldn't learn a thing or two from them? I know I can!
The Rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Copy the award and place it on your blog
3. Link the person who nominated you
4. Nominate 15 bloggers
5. Let the 15 bloggers know that they are nominated =)

So, I need to pass this award on to 15 extraordinary blogettes..thank you for being so inspiring and fabulous!
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I'm on December Vintage


I was so flattered when Becky from Becky's Vintage Wardrobe contacted me to be featured on her new blog, December Vintage!

December Vintage is a brand new blog, featuring photos of vintage gals and interviews about their passion for fashion. Isn't that a fabulous idea!?

Just last week, Becky opened her new online vintage clothing shop, December Vintage! She has been busy as a bee listing new items, so check back frequently.

Fashion and Film Friday: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas


While I'm not wild about depressing movies, This week's Fashion and Film Friday pick offers a very valuable message about how hatred and ignorance can effect the lives of the innocent.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is unlike any other movie about the Holocaust because the story is told from the viewpoint of an innocent, 8 year old German boy, Bruno. Bruno's father is a Nazi commandant. When his father takes over running a work camp, Bruno and his family are relocated to a large house just down the road from the camp. Bruno's privileged life as the son of the commandant has taught him little about the world around him.

One day, he leaves home to explore the forest and discovers the outer walls of a work camp, he becomes very curious about the terrible smells coming from the chimney, the people "playing" in pajamas all day and a Jewish boy named Shmuel.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas really portrays the fear felt by Germans who didn't agree with the policies of the Third Reich. The terror of Nazi Germany was inflicted upon them so harshly that some people ignored the reality of the situation and even sacrificed the innocence of their own children, as can be seen in Bruno's mother.

While none of us like to see the terrible sights of the Holocaust, movies like The Boy in the Striped Pajamas are very important to remind us about these events that took place not long ago and that we all have to be cautious to not let history repeat itself.

The amazing World War II era costumes for this movie were designed by Natalie Ward. However, the incredible 1940's hairstyles of this movie particularly stood out to me. Hairstylist Jaqueline Bhavnani worked on hair and makeup for this film. She also served as the hairstylist for Valkyrie, Alexander and DeLovely.

Fun in the Sun- The Vintage Way!


On the summer solstice, my family goes to Creve Coeur lake for a picnic and fun in the sun. When I was a little girl, I used to think that this lake was the ocean. We had SO much fun taking pictures, I had a hard time picking my favorites!

June 21st was the first day of summer here in the states. In Missouri, summers are long, hot and humid- much like being in a tropical rain forest. Here are some tips and ideas for beating the summer heat and having fun in the sun all season long!

1.)Don't feel the burn- In May, I always pitch my old sunblock and buy new stuff for this year. I wear it every time I leave the house. Those 20 minute walks or car rides to the grocery store, cause more sun damage to your skin than you think! Always protect your skin by applying sunblock before going out. I use a tinted moisturizer foundation that already has sunblock in it, so even on cloudy days, the delicate skin on my face has a little bit of a barrier against harmful rays! Coppertone is a "vintage" brand who created their first sunscreen in 1944!

2.) Insect Repellant- With hot summers come lots of biting bugs. DEET, the main ingredient in most insect repellants was created during WW2 for soldiers in jungle warfare. It was made available to the public in 1957. Now, insect repellants are available in the form of wipes, sprays, lotions and roll-on application. In the early morning hours and at dusk, protect yourself from bites!
3.) Don't Sweat it! The first deoderant was invented in 1888 under the brand name "Mum". In 1952, the first roll-on deoderant was produced by Ban. Ban is still in production today! When wearing a piece of history, deoderant or disposable dress shields are very important in the summer.

4.)Protect your lovely locks- Your hair is easily damaged by over-exposure to harsh sun and chlorine pools. When you plan on being in the sun for long periods, cover up with a stylish sun hat. Hats will also protect your scalp from sunburn (*ouch!*).
Another summer must-have for vintage gals is a bathing cap for dips in the pool. Swim caps started coming into popularity in the early 20th century and were made of a heavy rubber. In the 20's, swim caps became lighter and better suited to the bobbed hair of the time. During WWII, rubber was used for military efforts so many ladies went without swim caps. In the 1950's, bathing caps were decorated with bright colors and plastic flowers. Women were very careful to keep their heads out of the water while swimming to protect their hair. I remember taking a 4th grade field trip to the St Louis History museum and seeing a brightly colored flower swim cap and thinking "I want one!!!" You can find modern 50's style swim caps here

5.) Sunglasses- A great pair of vintage sunglasses have been on my must-have list for a while. Sunglasses have long been associated with glamor and mystery thanks to Hollywood starlets and film noir femmes fatales. Stay tuned for a tutorial for putting sunglass lenses in vintage frames!

6.)Melt-proof makeup- With temperatures reaching almost 100 degrees, thick makeup is the last thing I wanton my face. I get crabby in the heat as it is!! In warmer months, I wear tinted moisturizer, loose powder, waterproof mascara and lighter shades of lipstick like coral, berry and pinks. When my makeup is light and fresh, I don't feel so sticky!

7.)Sandal ready feet-
For a gal with so many pairs of shoes, I go barefoot as often as I can! Get your tooties ready for summer with an exfoliating foot scrub and perfect vintage half-moon pedicure (tutorial coming soon!)
Slough off dead skin with this refreshing foot scrub recipe:
1/4 cup kosher salt
1/4 cup oatmeal
1/4 cup cornmeal
1/4 cup unscented lotion
2 tablespoons aloe vera gel

8.) Vintage Swimwear-
When the summer season hits, vintage clothing shops bring out the bathing suits. For my fellow curvy gals out there, vintage swim suits are made to flatter the body. I love my 50's swimsuit pictured here. It has boning and built in bra cups to give support to the ample bosom. The sturdy fabric holds the tummy in and elegant draped lines make you look your best. I've always been a fan of a swim dress or boy-short bottom and these type of suits give the look of both!
Many vintage repro companies also have amazing vintage inspired suits.
For repro swim wear check out:
Pin up Girl Clothing
ReVamp Vintage Clothing
Lolita Girl Clothing
For authentic swim wear,try etsy, ebay, estate sales, thrift stores, antique shops and your local vintage clothing stores. Fabgabs on etsy has a great selection of vintage bathing suits right now! My swimsuit came from an estate sale for $2! You can't beat that!

Original Rose Marie Reid of California Draped Sheath Swimsuit-estate sale
Bakelite earrings-St Charles Antiques
Bakelite Bangles-Retro 101, St Charles Antiques, Creve Coeur Antique Mall

Giveaway Winner!


hello, Darlings!
I just got back from a really fun summery photo shoot and wow, is it HOT outside!! I thought I was going to melt! Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway and many thanks for all of your sweet compliments! I'm so glad that you got a good look at Vauje Vintage jewelry! They have really pretty things and Mary, the designer is -such- a doll! Anyways, time to announce the lucky winner of this lovely set.....the incredibly adorable, Stefanie Valentine!!

*yay* congrats to you, my dear! Please email me with your info at!

For everyone else, there will be many other fabulous giveaways here on Va-Voom Vintage so keep your eyes peeled (*ouch, that would hurt!*). In the mean time, be sure to enter Yesterday Girl's Giveaway "Fit for a Queen" which ends next week!

Giveaway Ends on Wednesday!


Just a reminder to all of you lovely readers, there is still plenty of time to enter my 300 followers giveaway, sponsored by Vauje Vintage. Click on this link to enter for your chance to win this lovely handmade jewelry set. xoxo

300 followers giveaway!


Oh, my gosh! I can't believe that I have 300 followers! How awesome is that?! Thank you to all of my wonderful readers for hanging around on my silly blog! I read every single comment and email that you send me and I LOVE them all! I'm so happy that my blog has inspired so many people. To celebrate my milestone of 300 followers, I have collaborated with the adorable Mary Collins from Vauje Vintage to bring you the opportunity to win this fabulous handmade necklace and earring set.

Vauje Vintage is a local small business, and you know how I love local vintage gals.

A little about Mary and Vauje Vintage from her website:

"Mary Collins started designing jewelry for herself out of the love for the retro/vintage look. She started wearing her pieces and women would ask her where did she purchase them from. She would begin to tell them she made them herself. Soon women starting suggesting she make the jewelry to sell to others. Mary started creating the designs and ideas and brought them forth in her own jewelry line. The response was better than what she would have ever thought. She then came out with another set of designs and that response was wonderful. Now Mary will be coming forth with another set of designs. Hopefully the response will be even greater than the one before!"

This set features delicate heart charms and glamorous black faceted beads. The crystals add just a hint of shimmer to draw attention to your sexiest features. This set is the perfect accessory to a slinky black wiggle dress. So, how do you enter?

1.)Be a follower of my blog and leave a comment below!
2.) For an extra 2 entries, visit and tell me what your favorite item is!
3.) For an extra 3 entries mention this giveaway on your blog, twitter, facebook, etc!
That's a total of 6 possible entries!

Everyone who enters gets 10% off at Vauje Vintage. Just enter the discount code June2010 when you check out!

*this giveaway will be posted for a week. The winner will be announced on June 23, 2010! Good luck, my lovelies and again, thank you for reading Va-Voom Vintage

The Feed Sack Dress

I remember spending some of my summer vacation as a teenager with my great grandma and listening to her stories about being a teenager during the depression. I loved looking through her crumbling photo albums with pictures of her first boyfriend, the family car, her sisters when they were little. When it came time for my prom, she helped me to sew a wrap and matching bag for my prom dress. While sewing her dainty, perfect stitches on that pink satin, she remembered some of the most important dresses of her life. One of which, was the dress she wore on the first day of school...a dress that her mother made out of old feed sacks and flour bags. "Because, that's all we had! We didn't have Joanne fabrics right up the street!" She laughed.

During the depression and into the war years, fabrics were in short supply and high demand. Flour and feed manufacturers began releasing gorgeous prints to take advantage of the mend and make do effort at home. Today, we learn from our grandmothers as the world sees things from a "greener" point of view. Looking in trendy boutiques and online we see items made of old jeans, plastic bags, car tires, and so on. While the material may be modern, the idea is not. It all goes back to that age old "Mend and Make Do" idea.
Today, feed sacks are still used in quilts and doll clothes. Printed feed sacks can be found on ebay, etsy, at auctions and estate sales. There are still many surviving (and wearable) feed sack dresses from the 1930's and 40's. These beauties are all available on etsy:

(bust size 44 for you curvy ladies)
The Vintage Baroness in this fantastic coral dress (38 inch bust)

Lilac stripe feed sack dress from RabbitWhiskerVintage

I love the colors and print on this one! This dress is a smaller size.
Feedsack Dress from RabbitWhiskerVintage (36 inch bust)

This feed sack beauty has such bold colors!
Dorothy in Kansas Dress by MissFarfalla (bust 38)

Welcome to my Vintage Home


As inspired by 1950's Atomic Ranch House, here's a tour of my vintage home.

I live in a quiet apartment/townhouse community in the suburbs. It was built in the 60's and my dad lived in this neighborhood as a kid. As time went on, the neighborhood became dangerous and full of crime and drugs. It was one of those REALLY bad places that you didn't want to be after dark! When new management took over many years ago, they evicted the entire neighborhood and remodeled every apartment. They planted new trees, installed playground equipment and turned it into a quiet, happy little community. Now, there is a nice big pool and 2 playground areas. We have a big soccer field where little families fly kites and kids sled in the winter. It's very peaceful and mostly full of small families and eldery residents.
Since I rent, I can't exactly rip out the cabinets and stove. But, I get creative with my decorating and after a few years of collecting antiques and vintage, we have more antique furniture than modern! My home is a 2 bedroom townhouse. We have a tiny kitchen, big space that acts as our living room and dining room, one little bitty bathroom and a very messy basement! We'll be purchasing our first house in 2 years but until then, this is my home! Welcome....

The Foyer: This is my foyer, the first space you see when you come inside. I have a vintage sewing machine and desk to hold some of my pretties. These are most of my hats. I hang them here so I can grab one as I walk out the door. I also keep my umbrellas here right by the door.

The Kitchen: I am still in the process of re-decorating my kitchen. It was a tiny, dark hole but I brightened it up with some 50's atomic decor in colors of aqua, cream and red. I'll be making a much longer post about my kitchen and how to do it when I'm done with it, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Long story short- I used samples of repro wallpaper up top, painted my microwave (yes, I'm crazy), made some stove top covers, and collected some vintage nic-naks.


The Livingroom: My livingroom mostly consists of hierloom furniture from my grandmas. The coffee table has the name "Michelle" scribbed on the under side because when my mom was a girl, she liked to climb under it and draw on it! The china hutch is from my great great grandma and holds her china and my wedding china. The vintage rug is also from great great grandma

The Dining Room: My dining room set came with the hutch. It was bought for my great grandma in the 1950's. I have always loved the Chat Noir poster, so we kept that theme throughout the dining area.

The Stairwell: In the stairwell leading to the bedrooms and bathroom, I've displayed my vintage wedding kimono and obi

My bedroom: That's my happy little blog space, which consists of an antique desk, vintage chair, my printer sits on an old wooden step stool that I rescued from an old asylum and a book case that my grandpa built. The vanity belonged to my grandma when she was a girl in the 50's and 60's. We have a very tiny closet which I share with Pj. My side is crammed with my vintage wardrobe. Skirts and pants on top, dresses and blouses on hangers, cardigans and knits in the drawers. I hang my belts for easy access and shoes go in two shoe dividers on the door. My purses are hung on the wall above the computer. I keep most of my vanity items in the drawers. makeup in the main drawer, hair things on top, gloves in the middle and vintage slips, girdles and camisoles in the bottom! I framed these pressed leaves and antique photos on a scrapook paper background in cheap frames that I painted.
This shelf holds some clutches, hot rollers, rag and sponge rollers and of course the "middle of the night basket" which holds a pacifier, baby wipes, diaper rash cream, infant's tylenol and everything that frazzled mommies and daddies need when the baby wakes up in a tizzy at 2am!

At a later date, I'll be posting kitchen decor tutorials, more pics of my kitchen when it's finished and a post about decorating a vintage nursery with lots of pics of the nursery! My bathroom is being redecorated in steampunk decor so I'll have pics of that later too! Thanks for visiting!!

Fashion and Film Friday: Penelope


penelope movie fashion

Happy Friday, everyone! This week's Fashion and Film Friday post is the modern fairytale, "Penelope" starring Christina Ricci and James McAvoy. The fashions in this movie aren't really vintage but they have that old fashioned charm that I just can't resist!
penelope movie fashion

Penelope is the story of a modern girl from a wealthy family who suffers from an ancient family curse- she was born with a pig's nose! Horrified by her deformity, her mother locks her away in her room and shelters her from the hateful world outside.

penelope movie fashion

In order to break the curse, Penelope must "be loved by one of her own kind" so when Penelope reaches a mature age, her mother hires a matchmaker to try to find a suitable husband for Penelope. Every suitor loves Penelope for her dowry but when they see her pig snout, they jump out a window and run away screaming.

Broken-hearted Penelope finally decides to make her way in the world on her own and she runs away from home and eventually finds the truest form of love- love for yourself.

penelope movie fashion

penelope movie fashion

Costumes for Penelope were designed by Jill Taylor but it was really the sets for this movie that stood out for me. I just LOVE Penelope's bedroom! I took a lot of inspiration for Olivia's nursery decor from this movie.

Q&A How to do well at an estate sale


How to shop at estate sales and find great deals on vintage

After my last post about estate sales, I figured I should touch on this topic to help you in your estate sale adventures....

Q: What is an estate sale?

A:An estate sale is like a garage sale indoors. Either the owners of the house and items for sale passed away, moved to a retirement home or moved elsewhere. Estate sales are run by companies specializing in estate sales. The companies come in, organize and price items and they are the ones there to let you shop and keep track of items sold. The money made from selling things goes to the family of the deceased or to the home owners to pay for retirement homes or a move.

Q: How do you find them?

A:I find estate sales on craigslist, Sometimes they are also posted in your local paper in the want ads.

Q:What do I bring?

A:Check the estate sale listing for forms of payment. Most estate sales accept cash and check only. Also, you may want to bring your own shopping bags or a big vehicle if you buy anything you can't carry. Prepare to have to move the large items on your own. I also pack a flashlight, bug spray, sunblock, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, snacks and directions to the sale. You may want the sunblock and bug spray while you're in line and you will want to wash your hands after rooting through the dirty stuff.

Q:How early should I arrive?

A: It depends! If you're hard-core about this sale, arrive REALLY early. I guarantee that there will be people there when you arrive, even if you're there at 4am. Antique dealers, collectors, vintage shop owners, etc go to estate sales and they arrive very early. If it's a really good sale, arrive at least an hour or so before they pass out numbers. If there is a Friday preview sale, it is always goo to go to get a look at things before the big sale begins.

Q:What are "numbers"?

A:The estate sale companies often pass out pieces of paper with numbers on them to hold your place in line. Once you have a number, you are free to sit in your car or go get breakfast and no one will be able to get in front of you in line. Be courteous of the person in front of you and behind you so that when the door opens, you know that you are in the right place in line. Sometimes, people are rude and will try to butt in front of you in line. Either ask to see their number and tell them that you are in front of them or take it with a grain of salt and let it slide. Some estate sale companies will not let you in the door unless you have the right number, so that's a plus!

Q:What are prices like?

A: It depends on the company that's running the sales. You can always ask people in line with you if they have ever been to a sale with that company and if they know what prices are like. Some people are window-peekers and they go around the house before the sale to peek in windows to scope out the goods and the prices. Personally, I leave the peeking to the people in line with me. If you plan on attending many estate sales, keep a notebook with the name of the company and what the prices are like. Sometimes, prices can be garage sale cheap, other times they are higher than boutiques! Don't try to bargain on the first day. There are plenty of fools wiling to pay full price and the estate sale companies know that. Many estate sale companies cut to 50% off on the last day of the sale.

Q:How do I find the good stuff?

A: Ask yourself, "where would I keep these items?" and head there first. Clothes are usually in bedrooms and basements. Kitchen stuff is in the kitchen and dining room. Tools are in the garage, shed or basement. Sometimes, jewelry and high priced small items are right by the front door so that they can be watched by the estate sale employees. Check photos before the sale to familiarize yourself with the house and the goods.
Always look in odd places. Check under tables, backs of closets, high shelves, inside of drawers and cabinets. You never know what you may find!
Before making a purchase, check the item over for damage. Make sure that glass isn't chipped or cracked. Check clothes for holes, stains, etc. Check furniture for sturdiness and damage.

Q:Will there be a lot of competition?

A:You bet! As vintage lovers, I advise you to dress in jeans and t-shirts. No cute hair, no cute shoes. This way, you'll blend in, your competition won't know what you're looking for and you won't ruin your vintage pretties. Houses are dirty, cluttered and have dangerous stairs. Stick to a utilitarian look that day. As far as your competition goes, listen in on what they're saying to get an idea of what they are looking for. Don't be afraid to talk to people about estate sales in general. You can learn a lot about sales from people in line with you. Many of these people have been doing this for 30 plus years so they know all of the tricks. Even though they are competition, be thoughtful and polite because I promise you, you will see these people again at other estate sales. You never know, you might end up with a friend! People can be real jerks at estate sales too. I firmly believe that if you are kind and thoughtful and show how calm you are, they will feel calm and be polite towards you as well. (at least for the most part). If you storm in to that place, ready for a blood bath chances are, you will find yourself at war with someone.

Q: Is all of the good stuff gone within hours of opening?

A:Not at all! Often on the last day of the sale, items are discounted and there are still plenty of treasures to be found. If the sale is about to close, ask the employees if they are firm on their prices, they may be willing to bargain with you. If you can't arrive early, don't sweat it! After the early morning crowd has died down, you will have plenty of time to dig through things and sort out what you want.

Estate sales are always hit or miss but they are also always an adventure. If your first sale isn't so hot, find another one. Pay attention to how different companies price and organize items and before you know it, you'll be an estate sale pro! Anyway, that's all I have on the topic of estate sales. Feel free to ask questions and share your knowledge of estate sales too!

The Many Vintage Adventures of Brittany and Amanda


Oh, what a fun day we've had on Saturday! Exhausting, but fun.
It started at an estate sale that we've had our eye on for a while. We went incognito that day so our competition wouldn't know what we were after. Here we are before the sale, at 7 am with our line numbers in hand....Olivia trying to eat mine! This one's for your challenge, Mary Deluxe- our non-vintage selves! :)

At first, we were a bit nervous about the sale. A few gentlemen in front of us spotted price tags in the window and the news wasn't good! But, after waiting around for so long, we figured we'd better stay and see what we found! From a glance at the online photos, I could tell that there were clothes in the basement so we made a mad dash down the stairs first.....
Now, I do have a vintage wish list to avoid buying too much crap that I'll never wear. On that wish list for Saturday was the following:
1.) vintage girdles
2.) cute red shoes (authentic vintage preferred but really, any cute red shoes)
3.) sunglasses
4.) bottle for my makeup remover on my vanity
5.) earrings
I didn't think I'd actually find any of those things but I kept them in the back of my mind...
(back to the basement of the estate sale) after a few seconds of rifling through the rack, among a bunch of really ugly 60's and 70's dresses, there they vintage girdles in pink and peach satin. With serious, made-to-last stretch and 3 garters on each leg...with bullet bra bodice....*in my size*!!!! $6 and $12. At that moment, I heard angels singing hallelujah and a golden light shined down upon me because I had experienced a miracle!

I grabbed the girdles and hugged them close to my chest and we dashed upstairs to separate bedrooms. In the bedrooms, we found closets full of vintage clothes and grabbed anything that looked worth while. In one bedroom, Amanda found a stunning black 1950's swimsuit in her size for $2 and my long-awaited adorable red vintage shoes, also for $2! These are my cute shoes and dress from that estate sale. I think the dress is from the 60's or 70's but I love it anyway!

Esteban just couldn't stay out of the picture! He's such a ham! We also call him "cheese-ta-ban" "cheeseburger" Pj calls him "fuzz-nuts" and I call him "baby-ban". Oh, and by the way, this is my new china hutch! It belonged to my Great grandma and it's from the 50's!!
After the madness of the estate sale, we stopped at a church rummage sale, 3 or 4 garage sales and 3 resale stores! Yes, my husband is the most patient man on the face of the Earth- What a good man! When we got home, I let him nap for quite a while. Here I am, knitting in my $4 dress from one of the resale stores we stopped at.

My kitties go crazy when I knit! The big girl is Hatsumomo (aka "momo" "mome rath" or "momo loaf") Oh, and this is my new dining set/craft space, also from my grandma from the 50's. It has two leaves and when they're up , I have seating for 8! Perfect for a housewife and her dinner parties!
We stopped at one garage sale in a very wealthy neighborhood in Ballwin, MO. The ladies there had a ton of vintage clothes, mostly from the 60's and 70's that they were collecting just to have! Apparently, some rich ladies buy vintage clothes and accessories and dress up mannequins in their basements...and that's it! They don't wear it or anything, they just dress up the mannequin. Creepy and bizarre if you ask me, but to each her own, I suppose! Her mannequin's wardrobe had gotten out of control so Amanda and I scored a few really cute dresses! The one I picked up needs a few small repairs, so I'll post pics of it at a later date.
So, that was our vintage adventure for this weekend.
Stay tuned for next Saturday's Vintage Adventure, kittens- when we take on some of St Louis' best vintage clothing stores: Retro 101, The Vintage Haberdashery and T.F.A!
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