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7 Days of Vintage Bangs {Day 4 Rosalind Russel}


What a hair do, right? I've always loved those huge victory rolls, creating a perfect 1940s heart shaped halo of hair. My bangs are a bit longer than hers and I didn't do my rolls as high as hers but you can play around with different heights to see what you like.  If you have trouble getting your hair to be as tall, thick and full, you can experiment with rolling it in a rat.  Here are some other tips:

-buy cheap hairspray. The stickier the better.

-Invest in a teasing comb. An invaluable hair styling tool- much nicer than a regular comb. If you do 40s styles frequently, they make victory rolls so easy.

-have a lot of hair pins on hand, matching your color. When I first started out, I'd use probably 6 pins per roll!

-make victory rolls easy by using a pin curl set. You can certainly do this look without a pin curl set but pin curls make the hair much easier to roll!

 The Pin Curl Set:

Victory rolls
part hair from the top of your ear, forward, leaving your bangs out. Pin curl this into 3 or more rows, all hair curling back, in the direction that the victory rolls will go. I did two rows of three pin curls. 
Pin curl the rest of the hair however you like. I did alternating rows so the hair will wave when I brush out. Not sure how to pin curl? See my tutorial, Pin Curls 101

              { Husbands of bloggers have to have fun too!}

The Brush out
 first, let the sides down and brush out. It will look like a frizzy disaster but that's okay, brush for a few minutes until its a bit smoothed out.

 Using the teasing brush, back comb to give more lift and stability to the roll. Only back comb the back of the hair, not the front, which will show when rolled.

 Pull the hair up, way above your head and roll it down towards the scalp. Pin in place, repeat on the other side.

*hint* if your rolls aren't as even as you'd like, take them down and try again until you get it.Sometimes it takes several tries before they're even but practice makes perfect! For this style, you'll want the biggest, cheesiest looking rolls you can get.  It took me a couple of tries while doing this tutorial.

For the back, brush it out with a vented brush, brushing the curls against your hand and sculpting them till smooth. If you're having trouble with a brush out, see my tutorial.*hint*  Using medium to larger sized pin curls will help when it comes to brushing out. I wish I would have known this when I first started. I rolled so small that it looked like clown hair. See this post!

Styling the bangs
Curl the bangs a bit with a small curling iron.  Spread the bangs out with your finger tips so they go all the way up to the rolls and spray into place.  Try to get the ends of your bangs to cover most of the opening of the victory roll. It may take a little fiddling with and a lot of hair spray.

Use a boar bristle brush (or the teasing brush) to gently fill in the gaps in your bangs. Pardon the hair spray stickiness!

If you don't have bangs and you're using a hair rat to create a faux bang, use a nice long rat and spread the hair out over the whole rat. See my tutorial for Victory Rolls with Faux bangs to see what that looks like.

Next, pull a little hair over the opening in the victory roll and pin it closed.

Finish it all off with hair spray

vintage victory roll and pin curls hair tutorial Va-Voom Vintage blog

7 Days of Vintage Bangs {Day 3: Ella Raines}


Today's bang tutorial is inspired by Ella Raines. Isn't she striking? This is another super simple style that works on different lengths and cuts. All you need is a curling iron and two hair combs. I'm using Grip-Tuth combs from Belle Blossoms

 Curl hair under. I'm using my awesome Conair Instant Heat iron.

 Brush through hair to blend the curl

 Use a tail comb to part hair as if you're going to do a low half pig tail. Pull the tail back and give it a twist.

 Secure in place with a hair comb. These combs are wonderful for looks like this. No elastics or millions of hair pins to keep it in place and they stay secure all day! Repeat on the other side

Comb the hair so it all curls under and give it a shot of hair spray. I know, great face, huh?

That's all there is to it! It took me about 15 minutes and most of that was spent curling. I don't know why I've never done this style before. It's so easy and very pretty!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 4 of 7 Days of Vintage Bangs. Grab the button and share!

7 days of vintage bangs classic hollywood retro hair tutorials
7 days of vintage bangs classic hollywood retro hair tutorials

7 Days of Vintage Bangs: {Day 2 Audrey Hepburn}


How to do Audrey Hepburn hairstyle

Today we have Audrey's beautiful bouncy ponytail finished off with a ribbon. A pony tail is kind of a no-brainer but with a perfect styled bang and a little ribbon or something it really polishes an otherwise lazy day hairdo.  As you can see from Audrey's bang length, you don't need a lot of length to get this look but in case you have more bang than she does, you can sweep it to the side and either pin it behind the ear or give it a good coat of hair spray.

Since my sister, Chelsea has longer hair and bangs than I do, she is helping me with this look today. Her hair is super thick, curls with a snap of the fingers and is layered.

Section off the bangs and pull the rest into a high ponytail. Curl the ends of the pony just a bit to give it some bounce and if you have layers that stick out like Chel, give those bits a little curl and blend them in with your fingers.

Audrey often rocked the ponytail with all sorts of bangs, as you can see by our style inspiration images. Keep it short and a little messy, sweet and curled under just slightly or gently side swept. If your bangs are on the long side part them to one side and sweep them across the forehead. I held her bangs in place while we shot it with the hair spray and continue to hold in place till the spray dries.

Tie a ribbon around the elastic and finish with hair spray or spray gloss to smooth the frizzies

Hint: If your hair isn't as long as Audrey and Chlesea's, try a faux pony tail that matches your hair color.
I bought one ages ago and had a lot of fun with it. Secure it with elastic around your natural ponytail and blend your natural hair in with it or conceal with pins.

 Instead of a dainty bow, try a thick headband in solid or retro prints.

 For a formal look, try a side part, slick it down and curl the ends of your ponytail under.

It doesn't get much easier than that! Stay tuned tomorrow for another super easy style inspired by Ella Raines.

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7 days of vintage bangs classic hollywood retro hair tutorials
7 days of vintage bangs classic hollywood retro hair tutorials

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