Things have been slow around here for a few days. We're all recovering from moving my mom into her beautiful new home in the country, not far from Meramec Caverns here in Missouri. I was sad to have mom move far away but it's a beautiful drive and only an hour and a half away so not too bad at all. There's a lot of beautiful small towns and antique shops along the way so I think I will be adding to my Vintage Tour of Missouri posts very soon!!

I brought my camera, a dress and pair of heels to take pics while we were there on Saturday but by the end of the day, all I wanted to do was drink a margarita and crash. We're going back to the country for Labor Day weekend so we will take a ton of pics and you can see my beautiful new weekend getaway.

Since we're just lounging at home, I thought I'd show you one of my favorite lounge spots- the kitchen couch.

 After buying our new sofa months ago, I had this funny 1950s metal frame couch that I didn't have room for anymore. So, we put it in the kitchen!

I love having a couch in the kitchen. I often lounge here while Pj makes something wonderful for dinner or guests sit here and chat during family gatherings. It's right next to my wardrobe closet so it's often a catch-all for hats and dresses and anything I decide to pull out to get a closer look at. Since I haven't found a spot for my huge hat collection yet, I keep hat boxes safe under the couch. That's my dress closet over there- I'll show you more of that in another post!

The original cushions are in dire need of repair but I haven't found the perfect fabric yet so in the mean time, I covered it with this sunny yellow chenille bed spread and a few pillows that Olivia and I made this spring.

I made our curtains using a vintage tablecloth that was pretty worn and faded in spots. I love using these fun fabric prints throughout the house. I also framed some 1940s food ads to hang above the table.

Here's a peek inside my china cabinet. I am not a fan of being limited to one china pattern so I buy random pieces as I find them so I can enjoy all of the beautiful patterns that I love.  These are all from thrift stores and rummage sales with the exception of my beloved Bing Crosby Percolator, which I found on etsy.

china cabinet- craigslist
china- thrifted
kitchen couch- craigslist
dining table and chairs-thrifted
vintage high chair- garage sale
chenille bed spread- etsy
vintage radio- antique mall
curtains- made from a worn out vintage table cloth

Also check out my salt and pepper collection, which is on a shelf in the dining room