1950s Novelty Tambourine Brooch Tutorial


I originally wrote this tutorial for The Vintage Post. That site isn't around anymore but I was able to locate the instructions for this 1950s pin to share with you here! Make this adorable tambourine pin from 1957 with scraps from around the house!

Also check out my e-book, Pins for Pin-Ups: DIY Brooches for Retro Girls for 12 more vintage novelty brooches that you can make using supplies from the recycling bin!

Pins for Pin-Ups: DIY Brooches for Retro Girls craft tutorial ebook

Hi, I’m Brittany from Vavoom Vintage, and here’s a whimsical novelty brooch that you can make with scraps from the craft room and kitchen!
Today, I’ll show you how to make a tambourine brooch from a 1957 craft book.
1950s tambourine novelty brooch tutorial 1
You will need:
a 2 inch jar lid
a scrap of white or cream felt, a little larger than the lid
lengths of colorful, thin ribbon
a few jingle bells
hot glue and glue gun
a scrap of chipboard from a cereal box
1950s tambourine novelty brooch tutorial 1
Begin by cutting the felt into a circle, about an inch and a half larger than the jar lid. Hot glue the felt to the front of the lid.
Flip the lid over and glue the felt to the inner rim of the lid, pulling it snug to create a smooth front.
1950s tambourine novelty brooch tutorial 1
String each bell onto a 6 inch length of ribbon
1950s tambourine novelty brooch tutorial 1
Cut a length of rick rack to match the outer rim of the lid. Tie the bells with even spacing to the rick rack
1950s tambourine novelty brooch tutorial 1
Hot glue the rick rack to the outer edge of the lid and trim the ribbon to your desired length. Next, cut a circle of the cereal box to fit the inside of the lid. Glue into place and attach your pin back either with adhesive strip or glue
1950s tambourine novelty brooch tutorial 1
Then enjoy the results!
1950s tambourine novelty brooch tutorial 1

McCalls Needlework Magazine 1942-1943


Yesterday, I spent a little time pouring over a big stack of vintage magazines from my stash. I find so many great ideas for outfits, crafts, recipes and home decor. Here's a look inside McCalls Needlework from winter 1942-43. There's some really killer knitting and crochet patterns in these. I need to scan and share them before these old pages crumble!

1940s vintage McCalls hat patterns from Va-Voom Vintage with Brittany

1940s vintage crochet hat and snood patterns from Va-Voom Vintage with Brittany

1940s vintage southwestern style blouse and dress patterns from Va-Voom Vintage with Brittany

1940s vintage dutch bonnet and pinafore apron dress from Va-Voom Vintage

Wierd Girl In the Alley


I recently decided to take my outfit pictures in the morning, instead of the afternoon. My husband set me up with a working tripod and remote so I can take my own pictures now. It's working out well so far. My alley behind my house is lined with adorable shabby garages in all different colors, old fences and the occasional friendly wandering dog. On sunny days, it gets really pretty light and since we live a block from the Missouri River, we get a lot of heavy fog, which I think will look gorgeous in pictures.

In my snapping away and prancing around in the alley, I didn't account for the carpet cleaning company a block over, which has its fleet of trucks leave every morning between 8-9. So this morning, every carpet cleaning guy took a minute to stop and stare at the weirdo in the alley, posing in front of a tripod at 8am in a skirt and heels.  That's my "go away, carpet guy!" face


In other news, I made some really cute straw purses that I just listed in the shop this morning! They're all a little different, with little swatches of knitting  that I knitted myself.  Check them out at Wacky Tuna. Also, horray for a good hair day!

blouse- made by me
green skirt- thrifted
heels-maybe Target?
Italian mosaic brooches- gifts from friends!
enamel umbrella brooch- St Charles antique mall
straw purse- Wacky Tuna

Early Morning Alley


We had a cold rain this morning in St. Louis but the grass and sprouting bulbs look so green when its cloudy. I have a feeling that I'll only have a few days of being able to wear jackets until fall so I'll take advantage of it while I can.

plus size vintage 1930s skirt and pendleton jacket  via Va-Voom Vintage with Brittany
plus size vintage 1930s skirt and pendleton jacket via Va-Voom Vintage with Brittany

plus size vintage 1930s skirt and pendleton jacket via Va-Voom Vintage with Brittany

tie blouse- thrifted
skirt- made by me
Pendleton jacket- rummage sale
loafers- thrifted

Springtime at the River


Last weekend, we had my niece spend the night. We had a balloon party with glow sticks in the basement with popcorn and movies all night long. The next morning was so beautiful that I had the idea to walk to the park and let them burn off some energy at the playground.

 The park is right next to the Missouri River. The water level has been a bit low for a while, allowing some rocky and sandy spots to stay dry so we climbed down a steep hill to get to the river's edge for an afternoon of play.

The kids had a blast digging in the sand and mud and finding fossils in the layers of rock. By the time we all got home and took our muddy shoes off, we were all ready for a nap.

flannel skirt-made by me
knit top- thrifted
vintage cardigan-thrifted
boots- Modcloth
angora beret-estate sale

8 Steps to Modern Cinderella Style


8 steps to modern cinderella style

While catching up on laundry and thinking about my spring cleaning plan of attack, I'm sympathizing with a certain fairytale princess this week. It's easy to sit around in yoga pants but I get more work done when I'm dressed for the job. Whether working hard or sneaking out for a night with Prince Charming, here are 8 steps to Modern Cinderella Style.

Cinderella Concept art by Mary Blair
Cinderella Concept Art by Mary Blair

Cinderella Concept art by Mary Blair
Cinderella concept art by Mary Blair

1.) Shabby (and Chic!) day dresses

2.) unforgettable shoes

3.) clear as glass accessories

4.) get ready with the help of forest animals

5.) keep an eye on the clock

6.) dreamy dresses

high society swing dress from Unique Vintage

7.) travel in style

Carriage Print Clutch bag from SheInside

8.) A crown for every day

Gold Leaf Flower Crown from SheInside

10 Style Lessons from Marilyn Monroe


how to dress like Marilyn Monroe with 10 style lessons from Marilyn Monroe

Today we take a look into the personal style of Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn's look was carefully cultivated almost to the point of looking effortless. Here are 10 Style Lessons from Marilyn Monroe

1.)  Sunglasses and a Scarf   Nothing says glamor like sunglasses and a headscarf. Although Marilyn probably wore hers to go incognito, today's starlets like Dita Von Teese use this trick to get out the door in a hurry when you don't have time for full makeup and perfect hair

marilyn monroe in a head scarf and sunglasses

2.) relaxed separates   although she was known to wear the tightest dresses in Hollywood, many of her sexiest and most loved looks are centered around relaxed separates.

marilyn monroe casual glamorous style

3.) understated accessories  She was often photographed dripping with jewels or wearing elaborate earrings for the red carpet but on her own time, Marilyn stuck to understated accessories or none at all.

marilyn monroe casual glamorous style

4.) messy curls  Marilyn experimented with all different hair styles and lengths but her messy curls are my favorite look!

marilyn monroe hair style

5.) A neutral color palette   In her personal wardrobe, she chose mostly neutral colors like white, cream, black, peach, blue and red. Marilyn definitely played with bold colors and patterns on occasion so don't be afraid to break out of your comfort zone every once in a while!

marilyn monroe in jeans

6.)  perfect your beauty routine  Marilyn's iconic look was attributed to her top secret beauty routine. Along with her makeup artist, she spent years figuring out what worked for her but once she found the products she loved, she kept them on hand at all times.

marilyn monroe puts on her makeup

7.) wiggle dresses  She was the queen of the wiggle with dresses tailored to fit perfectly in all of the right places. My favorite is this dress worn with Arthur Miller in England. If I were her, I would have never worn another dress again!

marilyn monroe and arthur miller in england my week with marilyn dress

8.) capri pants   you don't have to load your closet with impossibly tight wiggle dresses to bring a little Marilyn into your wardrobe. She loved to relax in capri pants paired with a sweater, button up or crop top. Look for well fitting capris in solids and patterns.

9.) strappy heels  Marilyn must have had the most amazing show collection. She had 40 pairs made especially for her by Salvatore Ferragamo. Although she wore kitten heels, pumps, even flats, she was often spotted in a great strappy heel.

10.) tight knits  a staple piece in any iconic pin up girl's wardrobe is a snug fitting knit top to wear over a pointy bra

for more on Marilyn, see my posts:

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