12 free vintage snood patterns

Here are 12 free vintage crochet snood patterns to try!  The basic ones like the Perky Snood and Sweet Sue are pretty easy if you're already familiar with crochet. If you're not, crochet is easy to learn and there are loads of wonderful tutorials for each stitch on you tube.

I love to curl up on the couch with a Netflix marathon and ball of yarn. These patterns call for vintage yarns, many of which are no longer made but any sport weight modern yarn should be a good start with a 5mm hook (a size up or down is okay, snoods are pretty forgiving!)

If you don't crochet, check out my shop, Tinsel Town Accessories for handmade snoods in every color of the rainbow!

Nothing beats a handmade snood! When I first became interested in vintage fashion, I found a shop at my local mall that sold snoods in every color imaginable for about $3. I was so excited, I bought the whole rainbow. They weren't the worst thing.

They did the job of holding my hair back but I never realized how slinky and flat they looked until I compared them to a handmade snood. The cheap store bought ones required about a million pins to keep them from sliding off and since they were made of a weird nylon cord, they looked so flat and saggy in the back, instead of perky and full.

Whether you invest money to buy one or time to make one, I think they're well worth it for a great snood!

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             12 free vintage snood patterns

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sweet sue vintage 1940s snood pattern free