I've been away from the blog this week, frantically sewing more tiny clothes for my little Olivia's Christmas present. I'm making the entire 1959 wardrobe! I honestly think that this has been more fun for me than it will ever be for her!  You can see the first set of vintage Barbie clothes that I made, along with some Q & A here

barbie vintage boudoir fuzzy marabou slippers via va voom vintage
tiny Barbie boudoir slippers embellished with curls of pipe cleaner!

I love a handmade Christmas. We did it last year too and the kids still play with the things we made for them. This weekend, Pj and I took up the whole dining room, cutting and sewing and gluing. He made some really awesome minecraft toys for Rhys and I made this little raccoon doll with some outfits for Olivia. She asked for a friend for her Foxy doll that I made last year.

This week, I finished accessories for Barbie and packaged the outfits in clear bags with backing board and stitched each article to a paper print out of the original catalog illustrations.

handmade vintage 1959 reproduction barbie outfits via va voom vintage

I still have about 6 outfits and some accessories to finish but it's coming along really well! See the whole collection on Instagram with #vavoomvintagebarbies

handmade vintage 1959 reproduction barbie gay parisienne via va voom vintage

1959 barbie lingerie set va voom vintage

1959 nighty negligee va voom vintage

1959 barbie casual shopper va voom vintage

Have you ever done a handmade Christmas?