Well, my internet has been down for a few days so I got behind on snood week but we're back with some hair tutorials today and tips on wearing snoods!

how to wear a 1940s style snood vintage hairstyling pinup tutorials

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How to Do Victory Rolls and Bumper Bangs

I thought I'd start with a classic- victory rolls and bumper bangs. It's good for the cheesecake pin up photo shoot or 1940s movie starlet.

You will need a teasing brush  ( I use this one) and a hair rat. There's a tutorial for making your own hair rat here. Use the tail of the comb to separate the top section of your hair, including bangs, if you have them. The part should be circular.

 Wrap the end of your hair around the rat very tight and roll up snugly, making sure that the outer edges are being rolled just as snug as the center. When you reach your forehead, bend the rat into a U shape and pin in an X at both sides, trying to hide the pins, if possible but if you can't, no worries, they'll be covered up anyway!

 Use your finger tips to spread the hair from the middle of the rat out towards the edges, covering the rat and spreading all of the hair evenly. If it looks messed up, unroll it and try again. I usually have to do it two or three times to get it looking nice.

Section off the hair from the top of the bangs section, in front of your ear. This will be your first roll.

My big trick for victory rolls that are easy to roll and stay put is dry shampoo. You can use the stuff in the can or the sprinkle-on powder kind. Spray it in at the root, work in with your fingers for a minute and back comb with your teasing brush.

If your hair is really slippery like mine, you can back comb all the way down to the ends and the hair will practically roll itself!

 Wrap the ends around your fingers and roll it down to your scalp. If you get rolls that you can see through (happens to the best of us!), give a little pull to the back of the roll to close the gap. Easy fix!

For rolls with invisible pins, insert the pins into the side of the roll where the arrows are, instead of in the front and back. I recently started doing this and I love the tidy finish it gives. Also, if your rolls have flyaways like mine, smooth them out with some pomade or smoothing cream. All of the vintage girls swear by Suavecita pomade, although I haven't tried it yet myself. Next finish with the snood.

Most of the time, my snoods stay put without pins but when there's not a lot of head to grip on to due to all of these rolls, I'll stick a pin in at the top and maybe one on each side. If it feels like its slipping, an extra pin never hurts. See my tutorial for how to put on a snood for my easy, quick trick.

Rolls and a Scarf or When My Rolls Don't Match and I Can't Keep my Arms Above my Head for Another Second

After 6 years of practicing victory rolls, there are still days when my hair won't do anything and my patience is thin. Mostly, this happens when I have somewhere important to go and my hair has to look good and vintagey so here's a quick solution.

Oh, my arms hurt so bad from trying to roll, they feel like they're going to fall off! I'm giving up on trying anymore and I just shove all of that hair for my non-matching roll into the snood. Yay! Next, grab a small vintage handkerchief and a hat pin. If you don't have these, an oversized hair flower would be very pretty

I folded my handkerchief with the corners in so it forms a big pouf. Pin that pouf (or hair flower) into place right where the roll would have gone. When pinning something to your hair with a hat pin, you'll want to put your fingers under the hankie so you can feel the point just as it comes through, so you don't stab yourself in the head.

 slide the pin under some of your hair and then poke it right through to the other side of the hankie.  It's pretty and no one will ever know that it was a second choice!

A Quartet of Rolls
This style is one of my favorites because it looks so elaborate but it's pretty easy to do, especially on second day hair. It's a great style for the holidays. Once you master a basic victory roll, this style comes together really quickly.

 Part hair to one side. On the side with less hair, section off the hair from the part to in front of your ear. Add your dry shampoo and back comb before rolling the ends around your fingers. Roll the section down to the scalp and pin in place.

 On the other side, section off the bangs and keep them separate from the other section. Take this section and split it into two pieces, a top and bottom.

  Dry shampoo and back comb the top section, then roll it down, away from the part.

 Dry shampoo, back comb and roll the bottom section up, towards the part. Pin these two rolls so they meet right next to each other. Prep your bangs for rolling with more dry shampoo and back combing.

 Roll your bangs into a small stand-up pin curl. If your bangs are very long, they can be rolled into another large roll. If you have very short bangs that will not be rolled into submission, you can leave them down. I keep mine at nose length to chin-length. Next, add your pretty snood! See the tutorial for how to put on a snood.

 If it feels like it may slip, add a pin at the top and possibly one on each side

Snoods with Hats

I love to wear hats but I don't always have time to mess with the back of my hair and on some days, it won't take a curl so I pull it up in a snood and style the front however I like and put a hat on it. You can wear lots of different hat styles with snoods. Here, I picked three.

This little clam shell type is my favorite to wear with rolls because it really accentuates the height

Big straw hats are a favorite too because there's so many ways to wear them. You can put them right on top, at dramatic angle to one side or tilted back to add height to your hair

This small flat felt hat has a big feather that sticks out and a veil. It looks like it should be worn close to the forehead but feel free to break rules and wear it how you like. I don't usually wear veils over my face so I tilted it back so the feather sticks up and the veil drapes over my rolls.

I hope that you all enjoyed these tutorials! Tomorrow, I'll share a quick and easy way to make a snood with a vintage scarf. Check out my shop for my handmade 1940s snoods, on sale this week!