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1950s plus size summer dress and victory garden va-voom vintage

The blue hair is gone already. I had it for about 5 days and although I loved the color and it looked so pretty when styled, it just wasn't my style anymore. I do like to try fun new colors but I think I may get a few pastel wigs to play with instead. That way, I can play for one day and go back to something more "me" the next day without any hair or scalp damage. I'm glad I did it though because you never know if you like something until you try it. Personal style should be flexible and changing and it'll never evolve if we don't try new things!

Some of you may remember the planting of my first Victory Garden on Mother's Day weekend. Well, we've been watering and tending and the garden has given us a beautiful harvest in return! For a few weeks, we've enjoyed a handful of tomatoes and one bell pepper but it's finally taking off so fast that we have to check back daily to pull the ripe veggies!

I live in a little house in historic St Charles, which was built in 1930. The back yard is very small and since a garage takes up half of the space, even smaller! I was a very bad gardener and crammed the veggies in a bit tighter than they should have been . I live a block away from the Missouri River so the soil here is black and very fertile, making for very happy veggies.

1950s plus size summer dress and victory garden va-voom vintage
This week's haul from the garden minus a bowl of tomatoes that the kids already ate!

 The tomatoes are especially too close together, making it very hard to dig in for the ripe ones and I'm worried that the sun wont be able to ripen some of them on the lower bits so I will try to dig a larger bed for them next year. My kids eat tomatoes like apples so I really wanted to have as many of them as I could, not to mention all of the possibilities of canning sauces, salsa and whole tomatoes!

The pickling cucumbers are going absolutely wild. They've grown up this pole and are hanging on to the laundry line now. We have tons of tiny baby cucs which will soon be pickled. We're making half sour pickles, which are divine as well as sour pickles for my mother in law's famous dish- Sour Pickle Steak. The right kind of pickle is always hard to find around here so I figure if I make her a bunch of them, we can always enjoy sour pickle steak. I did have to pick one of these the other day. Olivia was desperate for one and I can't refuse a girl her cucumber. It was delish!!

1950s plus size summer dress and victory garden va-voom vintage

Also to use a small space, we planted green beans on a green bean tee pee so the kids have a play space and the veggies have room to grow. They love to sit in here and eat fresh tomatoes and green beans! 

Also coming soon are watermelons! We have our first little baby today. Since we have a very small space to grow, we have the watermelons along the side of the house where we never really go unless it's time to mow.

Did you plant a victory garden this year? Have you enjoyed any fruits or veggies yet?


  1. I'm curious, what exactly is the definition of a victory garden? And anyways, we did plant A garden here and we just got a crop of carrots. Sadly, they didn't taste that great; very bitter. But it was exciting to see something had grown after all even in the heat of where we live. We also had peas and beans in our garden, but we didn't get much of those. And our tomatoes never gave fruit either! Hmmm... something tells me we need our thumbs to become a little bit greener. (oh, and the "we" means me and my family)


  2. I miss our victory garden. This year with getting a new fence it had to be postponed till next year. And next year will be more of a controlled potted garden so we don't ruin all of our new grass, if we ever get any.

    Personally I think you look great as a blonde or brunette. I've often though going platinum blonde just for fun but I really do enjoy my natural dark brown hair color.

  3. Here across the pond my crops are just starting to come in. I pulled my first carrot a couple of days ago to see how far along they were and I never thought a carrot could smell so good! We have peas almost ready for picking and the first couple of tiny green tomatoes are appearing. A heavy thunderstorm a couple of nights ago have knocked a lot of my flowers of them though, and a spell of awful weather prior to our current heatwave has meant most of my onions have bolted early, so they're mostly ruined. Hopefully my garlic will be ok!

    Our garden is pretty small, with half of it paved over, so my veggie bed is only about 12' by 2'. I have a lots of things in big pots on the patio.

  4. Your garden is doing so great!! I've been planning to post about my gardening efforts this summer but haven't had the chance yet. Plus, I think our growing season has been a little later than yours. So though I'm growing a LOT less veggies than you, we're only just starting to get tomatoes ripening, and my beans have a long way to go. Your green bean tee pee is an adorable idea!

  5. You all look so sweet and summery! I love your little home garden and all of the delicious veggies you've grow. These shots really remind me of spending time in both of my sets of grandparents' gardens when I was a little girl, but especially my maternal grandparents, who had things growing in the front, back and one side of their house. The highlight of the summer harvest season at their house was always a scrumptious corn roast right around the end of August.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Hello my lovely! Your hair looks lovely now! It's very flattering! Wow...those veggies look scrummy. I am quite scared of planting things. For some reason I'm just not very green fingered! But, you have inspired me to perhaps give it a try! Lovely pictures! Tania ♥

  7. You look absolutely adorable!

    I love gardens. Luckily we have a huge yard, so we can plant a good size garden. This year we have tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, peppers, and beans. My personal favorite is our large brambly patch of raspberries! Every morning I go out with my dog and let her have her morning constitutional while I glean from the fruit! Yummy :)


  8. I have been busy with my dad the last week and I totally missed out on your blue hair!!! WOW! It looked great. My daughter experimented with her hair color back in high school. Right before she graduated she dyed it a nice fluorescent pink but it faded to orange by the day of graduation, which worked out well because their school colors were orange and black. She was definitely easy to spot in the crowd. lol A few months later she tried going blue too. It was a lot of upkeep though and being a poor college kid, she went back to her natural color.

    My parents put out a garden every year, even this year with my dads health declining, so we all chip in and help them out with all of the work. I havent had my own garden in years but with the cost of produce these days, I really have been planning on planting my own next year.

  9. Great job! Our garden is slowly coming together, I'm not too optimistic for this year though.

  10. Congratulations on your harvest. :)

  11. This is the first year I've done a vegetable garden and it simply amazes me! It's just the neatest thing isn't it? I'll be making it bigger next year. Yours is almost as adorable as you!


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