This weekend, I worked on reorganizing my bedroom and thought I'd show you all one of my favorite spaces: my vanity.

This vanity table originally belonged to my grandma when she was a girl. She said it had roses painted on it ages ago. It looks like it also had a vanity skirt that opened to reveal the drawers and extra shoe space.

I keep my sewing machine in the green clothes hamper so this space doubles as a sewing area so I can do thrift store re-fashions, vintage repairs and whip up some creations of my own. I have a train case nearby with all of my sewing necessities.

The drawers hold my makeup, hair styling tools, gloves, scarves and some of my favorite comfy night gowns in the bottom drawer.

I wish I could keep lovely mirrored vanity trays and little jars of creams and powder but since I have two pairs of tiny hands who love to get into mommy's makeup, everything messy is protected with a drawer lock and pointy things are in the jewelry boxes. You can still see evidence of a break-in with the smudge of pink on the center makeup drawer from a demolished tube of lipstick. 

I found this vintage pink silk organizer at a thrift store for a quarter and it's the perfect size for my Bakelite bangle collection.

Two estate sale frames with quilt batting and pretty fabric hold some of my vintage brooches, making a beautiful display and freeing up space in the jewelry boxes.

vintage novelty brooch collection from Va-Voom Vintage
 brooch display organizer from Va-Voom Vintage
A celluloid necklace, Bakelite beads and 1940s plastic fruit charm bracelet- a gift from Bunny.

One of my favorite things to do when the kids are napping is sit in the quiet and organize my jewelry boxes. Sometimes I arrange them by color, material or era. Sometimes the sparkly ones go together and the plastic ones go together. Sometimes I organize them to make sure that all 3 boxes have a little dash of rhinestones, Bakelite, Lucite and novelty.


When it's just Olivia and I and the earring-eating beast is asleep, we sit and try them on and I stack my bangles up to her elbows and she does a "crazy dance" with her elbows flapping so they click and clack.