How to Put on a Snood


how to put on and wear a vintage 1940s pin up style hair snood net

 I've had a lot of questions about how to wear snoods. Even at craft shows, ladies ask "How do you put this thing on?!" So today I'll show you how to put them on and how to fill them out if your hair is shorter.

I wear snoods constantly! They're beautiful for fancy events and very practical for housework days or gardening. They keep hair out of the way without pulling it all into a tight ponytail and I love how a handmade snood really stays put. I bought some cheap slinky snoods for $3 each when I first got into vintage and they're fine to start with but they really don't compare to a hand crochet or knit snood.

No pin curls or hot rollers are needed when you have a quick hair fix like this! 

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To put a snood on, I usually style the front of my hair first, but you definitely don't have to. If I'm in a rush, I'll throw a snood on and pull out a little hair in the front and roll or pin it on my way out the door.  I put my hands inside the snood and pull the elastic out. Then, pull it over the top of my head, with my thumbs holding it open:

how to put on and wear a vintage 1940s pin up style hair snood net

Now my big trick- I flip my fingers through the holes in the snood

and scoop my hair into the net

Pull all of the hair through

stick your fingers through the holes and move your hair around, as needed, evening it out.

how to put on and wear a vintage 1940s pin up style hair snood net

If your hair is too short or thin to fill a snood out, you can add a rat to match your hair color. Just stick it under your hair so it doesn't show through.

You can also grab the top of the snood and pin the excess up, which can be left as-is or covered with a bow or hair flower.

Stay Tuned Tomorrow for 4 Ways to Wear a Snood


  1. No bobby pins needed? Does it really stay put this way? Thank you for making this tutorial, I'll look forward to the inspiration post. :)

    1. Mine usually do! If I do big rolls in the front and there's not a lot of hair to grip on to, I'll stick a pin in each side but they usually stay put on thier own!

  2. What kind of elastic do you use? Not those strechey headbands I hope. Those things slide off my hair so fast I gave up on them. My heads to big or my hair is to silky I guess.

    1. you can buy thin elastic cord at the fabric store or craft store and cut it to the right length for your head size :)

  3. Amazing! Thanks for this. I clicked on the link to your shop, but it didn't take me to Wacky Tuna - it took me to TinselTown Accessories. This had your name on it, but said it was closed until Fall. I might just buy a cheap snood to start with, anyway,as an entry level. :)

  4. How long does your hair need to be too not have to use a rat?

  5. Wow! Thanks for the info . . pulling out my snoods tonight and trying again 😊


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