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 Things have been slow around here for a few days. We're all recovering from moving my mom into her beautiful new home in the country, not far from Meramec Caverns here in Missouri. I was sad to have mom move far away but it's a beautiful drive and only an hour and a half away so not too bad at all. There's a lot of beautiful small towns and antique shops along the way so I think I will be adding to my Vintage Tour of Missouri posts very soon!!

I brought my camera, a dress and pair of heels to take pics while we were there on Saturday but by the end of the day, all I wanted to do was drink a margarita and crash. We're going back to the country for Labor Day weekend so we will take a ton of pics and you can see my beautiful new weekend getaway.

Since we're just lounging at home, I thought I'd show you one of my favorite lounge spots- the kitchen couch.

 After buying our new sofa months ago, I had this funny 1950s metal frame couch that I didn't have room for anymore. So, we put it in the kitchen!

I love having a couch in the kitchen. I often lounge here while Pj makes something wonderful for dinner or guests sit here and chat during family gatherings. It's right next to my wardrobe closet so it's often a catch-all for hats and dresses and anything I decide to pull out to get a closer look at. Since I haven't found a spot for my huge hat collection yet, I keep hat boxes safe under the couch. That's my dress closet over there- I'll show you more of that in another post!

The original cushions are in dire need of repair but I haven't found the perfect fabric yet so in the mean time, I covered it with this sunny yellow chenille bed spread and a few pillows that Olivia and I made this spring.

I made our curtains using a vintage tablecloth that was pretty worn and faded in spots. I love using these fun fabric prints throughout the house. I also framed some 1940s food ads to hang above the table.

Here's a peek inside my china cabinet. I am not a fan of being limited to one china pattern so I buy random pieces as I find them so I can enjoy all of the beautiful patterns that I love.  These are all from thrift stores and rummage sales with the exception of my beloved Bing Crosby Percolator, which I found on etsy.

china cabinet- craigslist
china- thrifted
kitchen couch- craigslist
dining table and chairs-thrifted
vintage high chair- garage sale
chenille bed spread- etsy
vintage radio- antique mall
curtains- made from a worn out vintage table cloth

Also check out my salt and pepper collection, which is on a shelf in the dining room


  1. This is HEAVEN. And for some weird reason, it really makes me crave waffles. I want to eat waffles in your amazing kitchen, Brittany. :)

  2. Do you happen to know the pattern name on the plate with the yellow-green and blue leaves? I think I have the matching salt and pepper shakers, but I've never known the pattern name.
    Thanks, Hannah

  3. Love your kitchen. I love how big it is and comfy. Your whole house is so comfy, sigh I miss you now :P

  4. I love the ads. I need to start peppering my house with some!

  5. A couch in the kitchen?? That is a level of luxury I have yet to experience in my lifetime--how cool!!

  6. What a lovely space and a great use of the table cloth! I wish we could do that here but all our curtains have to be thermal lined for our winters which means my ideas of having beautiful bark cloth ones are off the cards at the moment. I have just sent your feature off to the editors and will let you know when the next issue of Glory Days is out xx

  7. I love the napkin umbrella! :) And I look forward to seeing your dress closet.

  8. Your house is so tremendously lovely and marvelously decorated! I adore that you put a couch in the kitchen!!! I've been saying for years to Tony that I hope we have a kitchen one day with enough room in it to do just that as well.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. I love the idea of repurposing a table cloth for curtains. You just solved a problem of mine! And hey, that Florida tray above your china cabinet! I live in the Tampa area and have a "Florida" themed Florida room and have found numerous trays and bowls (circular and square) of that exact one you have! Its nice to see it out of state;)

  10. Oh this is so great! I love the atomic patterns on your plates. Your home just looks so cozy:))

  11. I could sooo hang in your kitchen!!! It looks and feels so cozy, comfy and welcoming! Looking forward to seeing more!!!

  12. Your Kitchen Table is just what I'm dreaming of!


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