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I've had a lot of comments from readers and others about my shrinking waistline lately. As I've said before, I've been on the very effective stress diet for the past month or two. On the positive side, Ive been able to fit into all of my lovely dresses that were previously too small. Months ago, I set a goal for myself to lose 10 pounds and my reward would be an authentic steel boned corset.

 Before my love of vintage clothes set in, I was all about corsets. I read everything that I could find about the history of corset-wearing and how the ideal female form has changed throughout history. From historical corset construction to the invention of the modern bra, I was hooked. I even made a replica of the Queen Elizabeth Effigy corset, which had about a billion boning channels. Foundation garments have a major impact on fashion and beauty and that has always been a fascinating topic to me.
the original effigy corset

 For a long time, I've been curious to try wearing a corset on a daily basis so I learned how to measure my body for a corset, how to break it in and all of the proper care of a corset and a body while wearing one. Due to my large bust, I have frequent lower back pain and a corset would be the perfect thing to help my posture. I reached my 10 pound goal, just in time for Corset Story to contact me to review one of their lovely corsets.

 I'll be wearing and reviewing their white waist training underbust corset for (at least) the next 8 weeks. This week, I'm breaking it in a few hours every day and getting used to wearing it. This corset is serious business- 24 steel bones, durable fabric and laces in a practical creamy satin. I was really surprised at the heavy weight of it when I pulled it out of the mail box! I can already feel the difference in my posture and my back pain is non-existent when laced up. Wearing a corset is actually much more comfortable than I thought it would be!

Lacing up my corset

Every week, I will make a new post on my personal corset-wearing progress and experience as well as some history, corset wearing tips, safety and links to lovely tight-laced unmentionables.

Check out my Pinterest board "Laced Up Lovely" for more historical corset eye-candy.

Disclosure: Corset provided for review by Corset Story. Va-Voom Vintage is an affiliate of Corset Story


  1. Oh wow, how neat! very interested to read your experiences with daily corset wearing. And I didn't know you did historical costuming before, of course I'd love to see any old project or photos you have.

  2. I am longing to wear a corset! I wore one for a shoot a yr ago and it felt amazing. I, too need back support bigtime. I look fwd to hearing about your process nad hopefully I can try it out at home too! xox

  3. yes,corset are great for backpain brought on by large breasts,and I would wear them more if I didn't live in the tropics(must make self summer corset).

  4. That's crazy, I just posted a video about corset wearing on my facebook page, check it out. I've got one too from many years ago, I put it on and felt the squeeze, I could not wear it all day. Your stronger than me. Also congrats on the 10 pounds, you look great!

  5. I'm really interested to hear your experiences. I haven't tried a corset yet. They seem fascinating to wear.

  6. I love, love, love corsets. I too am a member of the Large Busted Clan, and they really do help a lot with the back pain. While I've never worn mine every single day for a period of time, I definitely enjoy digging it out of the closet once in awhile and lacing up.

  7. I look forward to see your progres! I love corsets and own several. So far I have only made 18th century stays myself, but one day I'd like to try to make a more modern one... But I often wear corsets for more festive occasions and have been toying with the idea of wearing them more regularly.

  8. How wonderfully exciting! I've always adored corsets, too, though I tend to like them more for their aesthetic qualities than a (personal) desire to whittle my waist (which is a good thing, because it's virtually impossible for me from a medical standpoint to wear a waist training corset or anything overly tight around my midsection). I worked with Corset Story recently for a review and giveaway, and completely adored the beautiful fashion corset they sent me. I hope you love your waist training corset, too, and am super eager to hear more about your experience with this classic foundation garment.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Ohh how wonderful! I'm really interested to hear how it goes and the tips you have for corset wearing. I have one I've been meaning to break in and wear a bit every day but haven't started yet.


  10. I've just bought my first corset and am looking to reduce my waist size too, really looking forward to reading your thoughts on the process! xx

  11. I love corset, can't wait to read more.


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