Good morning and happy Friday. I'm so excited, we finally have internet service at the new place!! Aside from the limited capabilities of  my phone, I haven't been online in over a week. I have my new blogging headquarters set up in the living room so I can enjoy the morning sun and sounds of the neighborhood waking up while I write.

 Since my livingroom is all mid-century, I thought I would have trouble finding a suitable, affordable computer desk. Last weekend, while popping into Goodwill for a small tv, I spotted this reto sewing desk for $15! It's the perfect size for the monitor, mouse, clock radio and keyboard. I love a desk that's too small to accumulate excess junk. More pics of the living room, once I get my pretty things on the walls.

I'll be reupholstering my dinette chairs this spring and since I have one too many for my kitchen, one will be aqua or green to match the living room.

Yep, I said aqua and green



                                                                         via caroselloblog

Anyway, back to unpacking and cleaning house today. Yesterday, I washed laundry by hand and dried it on the clothesline, which is something I have never done before. I mean, I wash my little vintage dresses and hang to dry but until you've hand washed bath towels, husband's jeans and a million yucky toddler tee shirts and blankets, you've never really lived.

My grandma says that you've never really lived until you've dried towels on a clothesline in the dead of winter. She says that you hang them and they basically freeze instantly. When they finally start flapping in the wind, they're ready to come in. I promised her, I will do that at least once this winter.