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 Good morning and happy Friday. I'm so excited, we finally have internet service at the new place!! Aside from the limited capabilities of  my phone, I haven't been online in over a week. I have my new blogging headquarters set up in the living room so I can enjoy the morning sun and sounds of the neighborhood waking up while I write.

 Since my livingroom is all mid-century, I thought I would have trouble finding a suitable, affordable computer desk. Last weekend, while popping into Goodwill for a small tv, I spotted this reto sewing desk for $15! It's the perfect size for the monitor, mouse, clock radio and keyboard. I love a desk that's too small to accumulate excess junk. More pics of the living room, once I get my pretty things on the walls.

I'll be reupholstering my dinette chairs this spring and since I have one too many for my kitchen, one will be aqua or green to match the living room.

Yep, I said aqua and green



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Anyway, back to unpacking and cleaning house today. Yesterday, I washed laundry by hand and dried it on the clothesline, which is something I have never done before. I mean, I wash my little vintage dresses and hang to dry but until you've hand washed bath towels, husband's jeans and a million yucky toddler tee shirts and blankets, you've never really lived.

My grandma says that you've never really lived until you've dried towels on a clothesline in the dead of winter. She says that you hang them and they basically freeze instantly. When they finally start flapping in the wind, they're ready to come in. I promised her, I will do that at least once this winter.


  1. Your grandma is the best heheeh Omg all by hand! You brave, brave woman you! That is awesome! And yeah for internet! You have been missed!! xox

  2. Congratulations, you have your very own clothes line. I know we have talked about having one a few times. I must admit, I don't hand wash though, you are hardcore lady. Not having a dryer for a year kind of turned me off of drying my towels outside, plus you can exfoliate your body only so many times! Ha, Ha.

  3. Lovely little office you got there.

  4. Yeah, I am not at all enjoying the sandpaper towels! LOL! We have a dryer on the way, thank goodness. I just need to find a washing machine. The towels and clothes aren't too bad as far as hand washing but the huge blankets are really a pain!!

  5. Love your clothesline! We don't have a backyard here, or else I'd have one of my own for sure. Both my grandams had then when I was growing up and I fell in love with serene scent of line-dried laundry as a youngster thanks to theirs'. There's just about no better smell than freshly washed bedding dried with Mother Nature's help, if you ask me.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. What a great find...your desk area looks great.. Looking forward to seeing more of your cute house.. So proud you've gotten moved in.. Soon you will be all settled . Pretty inspiration photos.
    Love a clothes line, I have a dryer and use it.. But there are times, things just need to be hung to dry..

  7. I remember my grandma doing the laundry by hand, even after she got a washing machine it was one of those that had the ringer on top so you would run them through the washer, then the ringer and into a tub for the rinse water that you did by hand then back through the ringer. I was in charge of handing her the clothes pins when we hung them on the line. Lots of work to do laundry back in those days. Makes you really appreciate modern day conveniences.

  8. We have plans on getting a clothesline in our backyard once we get our fence up. Our neighbors have sticky fingers {so do the people walking through}. And I can't wait to have them on the line. I wouldn't even be apposed to doing it in the middle of winter so long as it's not weathering out.

  9. Love the desk! So great for you that the house is getting in order, I know I always chafe a bit at living with moving boxes and wants to set everything up NOW - but of course one can't... =)

    Wow, doing all the laundry by hand... Nope, never tried that! I'd love a yard/garden or even just a balcony so I could hang clothes out to dry. Probebly wouldn't do it in the winther, though - they'd be frozen until March! -15 C does not make for good drying weather... it is however great for removing bugs and odours from garments too sensitive for high temperatures =)

  10. I love aqua and green! We have that combo in a few places in our house!


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