This morning, the weather wasn't too cold so we went for a little walk to explore our new neighborhood before the winter gets here. Olivia (wearing her "pokey-dot riding hood" as she calls it) found a dandelion in the front yard and made a wish.

We walked one block and down the street to the adorable Frenchtown Country Market. The market carries vintage jewelry and antiques as well as local produce, wine, coffee, fresh baked goods and basic grocery staples.They have a very sweet pup who greets customers outside and looks at children as if to say "Now, you had better behave yourself when you go inside."

The shop owner has been collecting vintage jewelry for years and stocks some very beautiful, reasonably priced pieces. I will certainly have to pop in frequently to check out her new arrivals.

locally grown gourds, Osage oranges, jam, coffee and other lovely muchables

 The Frenchtown Country Market was lovely and I am extra happy because they carry milk! My kids go through milk and produce like crazy so this place will be a blessing, being so close. If you're in my neighborhood (Near historic St Charles, MO) stop in to the Frenchtown Country market at 1106 N 2nd Street, St Charles.

 Olivia is the best little 3 year old antique shopper! She's been antiquing since she was in the womb and she is always so good to ask before touching and to not run wild. She especially loved these antiques because they are loaded with tiny pumpkins.

That's me scolding, "Lilo! Don't do -that-!" as she tries to toss a pile of wet leaves on her brother.

 So on to the outfit- I have had this vintage sweater for about 2 years and have never worn it. Not even once around the house. After today, I am loving it. These little basic sweaters are so cute with a little skirt and are quite practical when the weather gets chilly. I wasn't sure how I'd like the acrylic but it's actually so cozy and soft that I didn't want to take it off when I got home from work tonight.  I think I may have to keep an eye out for more colors! Also, the skirt is actually part of a suit that I've had for over a year and haven't been able to wear until now. Horray, weight loss!
 Vintage acrylic sweater- thrifted
lucite "B" brooch- ebay
vintage plaid wool skirt- thrifted
50's pale blue leather clutch-thrifted
50's angora beret- Donnaland Vintage Variety