This dress was one of those heartbreakers. When you see it, you fall in love before even touching it. It's a dream of a dress but you know before looking at the tag that it's way out of your price range. It happens to me all the time and I usually just pass by to avoid the disappointment. This time, it happened to me at Donnaland. I saw it hanging on a rack, looking pristine and adorable, with its little matching belt. It was my size and everything.

I passed over it about 3 times and finally gave in right before we left.  Donna had just bought it from a local lady's collection and gave me an amazing deal on it. For that, I proclaimed her to be the Goddess of Vintage. It's one of my new favorite dresses. I wore it last night for the first time. I feel like a million bucks in this dress!!
  Please excuse my blue fingernails. Olivia and I did mommy-livvie manicures the other night and she insisted that we have matching nails. I kind of like it. It takes me back to my middle school days of glitter, huge pants and blue hair.  Rhys needed some snuggles while I was in the middle of taking outfit pics. He's a major cuddle bug!

Vintage Dress-Donnaland
Shoes-thrifted by Mudd
Sterling airplane earrings-St. Charles Antique mall