The first blog of the month for 2012 is the fabulous Diary of a Vintage Girl, written by pin up model, writer and vintage socialite,  Fleur de Guerre.

 I've been reading and loving Diary of a Vintage Girl for years. I love her classic 40's style, her candid party pics and fun-loving personality.  Read on for some not-so-well-known facts, tips and musings from Fleur de Guerre...

 Thank you so much for this interview. It's such a pleasure to have you here!
One thing that really made your blog stand out to me is that you work as a part time pin up model. I'm sure that it can be very intimidating work.  What is your best piece of advice for ladies who want to become a vintage/pin up model?  What is your best pin up tip?

Know your best angles! People always giggle at me when I'm being snapped by friends at events and so forth, but that's because after many shoots I know how to pose so I look my best. For your first shoot you definitely want to hire a pro who will give you posing advice as well as know the art of the pinup photo. After that, you can take your skills and use them with less experienced photographers. Those are my top tips!  

For many of us fashion bloggers, our passion for fashion goes back to our childhood. Did you play dress up as a girl? If so, what was your favorite thing to wear?

Of course! My favourite thing ever was a flamenco dress that was in my granny's dressing up box. I can't even remember what colour it was, but it was polka dotted and ruffly. This explains a lot about my taste in dresses now!   

We love reading about all of your parties and events with The Vintage Mafia. Can you give some advice about how to find events or organize meet-ups in our hometowns?

Organizing events is stressful but rewarding. I love putting on the sorts of events that I love to go to - not too costumey and not too purist, somewhere right in the middle. In London it's so easy to find like-minded folks, but in smaller towns I guess you just have to turn to social media and use it to seek others out. As for putting them on, the best thing is to find a venue run by a friendly and nice person, who will let you host parties and only take money on the bar rather than hire fees. Like so much in life, it's all about networking! 
The fabulous Vintage Mafia via The Vintage Mafia
 With your posts on fitness and everyday glamor, you have really inspired us to carry on and be fabulous even when we're feeling our worst. What is the one thing that always perks you up, no matter what?

Seeing friends, hugging my cat, watching my favourite comedy shows on TV (or reading funny sites). When your hair turns out perfectly (usually when at home and not seeing anyone else)! 

Weather you're dressed to the nines or relaxing in trousers and a cardigan, you always look so flawless.  What is the most important part of a 1940's look?

The hair! Not even the makeup and certainly not the clothes. I manage to look 40s when I'm in 21st century clothes and with no lipstick on, and that's because my hair is usually done in the style. 

Thank so much to Fleur for the lovely interview. Pop over to read more about her and her fabulous vintage life at Diary of a Vintage Girl and at The Vintage Mafia