I am so incredibly excited so please excuse me while I ramble on a bit...
 Pj called me on his lunch break today to tell me that he had a surprise for me when he got home. It's a late valentine's day gift because some big poo on etsy never shipped out what he had originally ordered and he had to cancel the order.
silly vintage valentine from neatneatneat.wordpress.com
   Anyway, he came home and surprised me with a beautiful, shiny, new digital camera!!! It's a Canon Powershot SX110IS and it is absolutely fabulous. Our last digital camera (a crummy, cheap Kodak thing from Walmart) is the -worst- camera on the face of the earth and we are both so thrilled to be rid of it.
  With the new baby on the way, Olivia doing amazing things and both of us having a blog, our family really needed a nice new camera with non-sticky buttons and no shutter delay. I am tickled pink! Thank you for my beautiful camera, Muffin! (Yes, Pj is the Muffin Man)

It's so funny that he bought a new camera for me because over the weekend, I lost our old one! I went thrifting and I thought that it fell out of the diaper bag in our travels. Luckily, I did find it this morning in a bag full of Pj's thrift store finds so I was able to save my precious pics of Olivia.
Well, expect lots of -beautiful- pictures in the near future, thanks to "The Muffin Man"