DIY Stockings, Hats, Embroidery- Inspiration from Fellow Bloggers


Hello, sweeties!
 This has been a crazy week but I think that normal routine (and more frequent, interesting blogging) is just around the corner.

This week, I've been making a little time to visit blog land and see what everyone else is up to. There have been so many interesting, inspiring posts this past week, I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. Enjoy!!

DIY Seamed Stockings from Vintage In A Modern World- yay!! I've thought about trying this to see if it would actually work but I have never made the time to do it. Thank you so much to Kate for this fabulous, easy tutorial for DIY seamed stockings. You rock my socks off! :D

Antique Fashion Inspiration from The Girl With The Star Spangled Heart- I have been very much inspired by lace, frills and all things pretty lately so I can totally relate to The Girl With the Star Spangled Heart in her "Slipping from Vintage to Antique" post

Embroidery Week from Tuppence Ha'Penny- Charlotte from Tuppence Ha'Penny always has such inspiring vintage craft posts. This week, she gives us beautiful embroidery designs and a fantastic monogram tutorial. Too cute!!

Spice up Your Veiled Cocktail Hat from The Modern Day Flapper- I just found this cute gal's blog and I'm loving it. She has a really unique style and well---she makes the most gorgeous hats, what's not to love?


  1. Awesome links! They all look so inspiring, I can't wait to check them all out!

  2. Thanks so much for posting these links, I'm planning on having a go at the stocking soon :)

  3. Ditto- Looks like you found some interesting blogs. The question now is which to veiw first.

  4. Oh! Thanks for the feature! :) I'll have to check the other ladies out.

  5. The stockings!!! I'm going to have to try this with some of my cheap emergency hosiery!

    I love the "vintage to Antique" post too. I love wearing antique fashions, and started doing a series of antique/vintage posts recently too for any one else interested in trying things a bit more old school.

  6. Viivien, thanks so much for the link! I've been really feeling the antique fashion vibe lately. Can't wait to check it out! xoxo

  7. Hey fellow 20 something IFBer!

    Love that your throwback style is sooo chic and refreshing!

    Reality Chic

  8. Wonderful post Darling~ Thank you for the feature! Your so sweet, keep up the beautiful work!!!


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