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Lingerie by Angela Friedman

I've always loved the look of lace and silky undies. They're romantic, sexy and ultra feminine. I've wanted to sew my own frilly lingerie for ages and now I have the patterns to get started! Best of all, we've decided to stay in our current home for another year so I have to get rid of some of my fabric stash to make room for the baby and what better way to do it than to use it up!
   A gal I used to work with gave me a ton of vintage satin, silk and lace in every color that you can imagine. Okay, maybe not "vintage" but it's from the 60's-70's so that's vintage enough for me.  The best thing about sewing your own lingerie is that it doesn't use a lot of material so if I only have one yard of fabric, I can make a pair of bloomers or pretty camisole. Here are some of my inspirations (scroll to the bottom to see my patterns!)

Cherie Teddy by Kiss Me Deadly


Deco-inspired Lingerie By Madame V

Jolie Lingerie By Kiss Me Deadly

Catherine Kimono and Knicker by Ayten Gasson
Elizabeth Plum Bra by Ayten Gasson

Elizabeth Plum Teddy by Ayten Gasson
Elizabeth Olive Teddy By Ayten Gasson

Lady M Teddy By Ayten Gasson
Matilda Knicker and Bra by Ayten Gasson

Vintage Bed Jacket

If any of you gals ever wanted to try to sew your own pretty unmentionables, here are a few super easy patterns to get you started. I love these patterns because they are so basic that they can be embellished or adapted to make something really amazing.

Free Madeline mini bloomers pattern from Colette Patterns  
I love the modern feel of these old-fashioned bloomers, I think I have a -bit- more of a butt (okay, a lot more of a butt) than these bloomers call for so mine will have a slightly higher waist and maybe longer legs.

 80's Butterick pattern 5740- yeah, I'm not a fan of the 80's but these pieces are classic! I found this pattern on etsy from La Prairie Lady. 
The teddy on the left reminded me of something from the 20's. If you add a few gores to the skirt of the full slip, it would be perfect with your favorite vintage dress. 

Burdastyle "Jane" camisole and shorts #7997B ($2.50 on

1920's chemise-inspired top by Casey's Elegant Musings
Last night, I made a teddy pattern using the 80's pattern above and the bust section of my favorite slip, so when it's done I hope it looks like some of those gorgeous vintage inspired teddies above. I made a muslin, which I'm sewing today so I hope it works!!

I'm also going to attempt to make a bunch of vintage inspired nursing bras. I love the comfort and support of my vintage bras. Nursing bras are very comfortable but they really don't do anything for my shape. I made a pattern last night using my favorite bullet bra so we'll see how that works!


  1. The underwear in your fist photo is super sexy. I always had a fancy for ruffled panties and bloomers

  2. Love the frilly underwear in the first photos!

  3. Love this post! I have a weakness for vintage lingerie. I also love styles by Agent Provocateur, Lucy B., and What Katie Did. I have a few Agent Provocateur pieces I bought in Vegas back in 2006. I would love to buy some bullet bras from What Katie Did but I need to save up! However, I have found a couple deadstock 50s bullet bras on Etsy.

  4. Oh, gosh- I love the girdles from What Katie Did too! I've had good luck with bullet bras on ebay as well!

  5. Vintage lingerie <3!
    Panties shoud be big, if you ask me :D I don't like the modern low waisted fashion...

  6. I'm with you on the big panties too! They're certainly more comfortable than a thing (*shudder*) and nothing beats that little fit of tummy-holding-in action. My husband always quotes Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones, telling me that they are "F-Me, absolutely enormous panties!" *lol*

  7. I also have some vintage lingerie fabric and I'm going to wear make some lovely french knickers, on the waist not the hips, hate that about modern underwear!

  8. I love ruffley lacey panties! Hope your adventures in lingiere go well!

  9. You should check out Lola Devlin's blog, "My High Heeled Darling". She makes silk vintage style lingerie from vintage silks and lace. It's just divine <3

  10. I love vintage lingerie, too! What a marvellous post - all this beautiful things! *swoon*

  11. Beautiful! always Lingerie obsession of women, It's soooo feminine. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Love the theme and post! everything is so feminine and makes me want to dress like a proper lady.

  13. I love the teddie from Kiss Me Deadly. But i always have issues with what will fit my boobs in!! *sigh*

  14. I want to make a sweet sexy little teddy to sleep in SO bad!!! i LOVE them!

  15. Ooh pretty! I'm definitely gonna try my hand at some of these before summer comes around. I can imagine stargazing in one of those silky, flowy little nighties.

  16. I love those top ones thanks for sharing the free pattern too.

  17. How very ingenious of you making up your own nursing bras.
    Good luck with your vintage lingerie sewing adventures ,i'm sure they will look gorgeous!

  18. I love the frills! I have some loose plans to sew a slip and knickers coming fall, so I'm looking forward to seeing how your sewing evolves =)

  19. I've promised myself I'll improve my lingerie drawer this year. It's so boring!

  20. ohhhhhhhh i love them all!! i think my favourites are the mini bloomers and the 2nd pic ensemble

  21. Can't beat a bit of fancy lingerie! (my current obsession also!) Vintage styles are always so feminine and stylish. Plus what a great way to bust that fabric stash!

  22. You'll have to excuse my lateness on this topic, but I had to comment, because I've resolved to make my own "unmentionables" as well! I'm tired of trying to fit my poor mommy tummy into bikini panties, not to mention my 36Gish bustline which has stumped every fitter I've ever had attempt to fit me...when a bra fitter gives up, you know you're in trouble! I was planning to make my own tap pant pattern, have found some pics online of the constuction, looks simple enough! We'll see how that goes, and I would love to hear about the nursing bra; as I have just returned my millionth nursing bra, as it is...big surprise..too small! I may have to make my own! Great topic!

  23. Oh, you poor girl! I thought my 40D's were bad! I went up to a G during engorgement after Olivia was born and I did manage to find 2 bras that fit at Motherhood Maternity but they weren't the most supportive/comfortable things in the world! So far, my most comfy bras are my vintage 50's-60's bras with 3 seam cups. They don't have any under wire (which feels fabulous) and the wide band under the bust plus the cup construction supports everything better than any expensive bra I've ever tried. I only wish that the straps were thicker. I found this easy tutorial for converting a regular bra into a nursing bra:
    I haven't tried it yet but it looks simple enough! You can order those nursing bra clips online and they're very affordable:
    If you try it out, let me know how it works!!

  24. Will do! It never occured to me until recently to make my own bras or even wear vintage; I usually just lamented the choices available; Thanks so much for the link!

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