How to resize a trouser pattern from Quality Time


Hello, darlings
 I just spotted this excellent tutorial from Angie at Quality Time and I didn't want anyone to miss it!
This tutorial covers how to grade a vintage trouser pattern. So, if you have a too small or too big pattern that you love to death, you can still use it to make a fabulous pair of vintage pants!
  Do pop over to check out Angie's sewing adventures and all of her wonderful tutorials at

*pattern image from Quality Time*


  1. Thanks! I'm about to make 30's style pants and I'm going to need 3 sizes! 1)waist, 2) largest size for my jumbo hips, 3) size of actual hips (one size larger than #2). Definitely going to have to make a couple muslins but maybe this will cut one out.

  2. Thanks for posting this just checked it out!!

  3. Thanks for this I usually just make it up as I go along but this is definate a more mathematical process and I'll try this next time, I'm sick of making it up as I go along!

  4. This post is a life-saver and very timely, since I'm going to be resizing a mid-century two piece bathing suit with full (flattering?!) shorts tonight! I have to go all the way from a "girls" 33 hip to a "mama of five's"......not 33" hip. Okay, I have to go up fourish sizes and extra in the hip; this tutorial was very helpful; Thanks!


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