My "Lulu" (Olivia) is sick this week, with a cold an ear infection so I'm a bit behind in my posting!! She went to the doc yesterday and was able to get some antibiotics and is feeling -much- better today! :)

This New year's eve, we planned to stay home, relax and avoid the drunken crazy people on the road. Having Olivia and being pregnant isn't exactly the recipe for partying all night anyway.

We began the morning with the crazy tornado-bearing storm which bypassed my house all together (thank goodness). After the storm, Pj, Olivia and I met Amanda and her boyfriend at the antique mall up the street. It was a crazy morning so I opted for comfort. Excuse the glamorous parking lot pic! I was running late all day! :)

I wore my "new" thirfted green knit cardigan. I love the basket-weave detail on the sleeve. I paired the soft comfy top with my Motherhood maternity black capris. I love these pants so much, I may have a hard time packing them away after the baby is born. They have a thick, stretchy waistband and the fabric is so fabulous.
I have named most of my maternity pants "crabby pants" because that's how I behave when I wear them but not these! I was running late so I pulled my non-pin curled hair into a snood, rolled up my bangs and I was out the door.

When we go shopping, I often play "dress up" with no intention of buying. I loved this coat but the price was insane and my New Years Closet Resolutions post says "no more blue". It's fun to dream though. The buttons were so pretty!
I've been obsessed with vintage collars of all varieties lately. My grandma used to wear these rabbit fur collars with little pom-pom ties when she was a young lady in the 50's. I didn't buy it this time but if it's still there when I go back, I don't think I'll be able to resist.

By the end of our shopping trip, I found 6 vintage hats and this vintage compact with a "B" monogram. I was SO excited about the compact.
It was buried in a little booth, in the corner under a pile of stuff. As soon as I saw it, I squealed "Pj! Come look!! It's a B!!!!!! B for Brittany! We were meant for each other!" The mirror is broken and it's very dirty so I guess I'll have to post a tutorial tomorrow about how to fix up a vintage compact! :)

Oh, and here are my new hats!

This last one had a cheap little plastic rhinestone on it. I ripped it off and replaced it with this fabulous carved apple juice bakelite button that I bought over the summer. I love those huge fancy buttons but I never know what to do with them when I only have one. This was a good use for it!!

The evening proceeded with fixing up a few hats with new veil or steaming the old veil back into shape followed by eating pizza, drinking sparking grape juice and falling asleep by 10:30. Happy New Year indeed! :)

Vintage navy screw back earrings- thirfted, value village
green knit cardigan- thirfted, salvation army
black maternity capris from Motherhood Maternity- thirfted, salvation army
brown wedges- thirfted, salvation army
bakelite bangles and necklace- various St. Louis area antique malls