For the past year, I've been wanting to travel the state (and maybe the surrounding states) to check out all of the great vintage clothing that the Midwestern US has to offer. I've explored St Louis and a few small towns around St Charles but now, I'm really branching out and hitting the road!

2011 is beginning with an abundance of gorgeous vintage finds.  On New Year's day, Amanda, Olivia, the guys and I ventured out to Warrenton, Missouri for a new fashion adventure.

 Warrenton, Missouri is about 3 hours east of Kansas City and about an hour from the heart of St. Louis. It has a quaint, small town ambiance that leaves me wanting to explore each little shop and residential street. The city is located very close to Missouri's famous wineries with many scenic country routes and parks for picnics. Warrenton is also home to the beautiful 1920's Bed and Breakfast, The Hiding Place.

Main Street in Warrenton takes the visitor right back to the 50's. There's a cute book shop, the historic Belle Starr movie theater and my new favorite destination, Brenda Sue's.
Brenda Sue's specializes in costume sales and rentals with a huge emphasis on gorgeous vintage clothing. The shop is fully stocked with vintage clothing from the 20's-80's as well as many modern costume pieces for parties and theater. Everything is very neatly organized and tagged, which is one of the things I truly appreciate in a vintage shop.  The shop is owned and operated by Brenda Sue herself, who can quickly point you in the direction of anything that you're looking for. She buys all of her own inventory and pays very close attention to the detail and condition of each garment. All of her items are truly unique, quality pieces. Brenda Sue told me that she really loves the 1920's and she carries quite a few incredible 20's pieces in her shop. I loved looking at the dainty deco lingerie. Isn't this an incredible slip!?

 Several factors really separate Brenda Sue's from other vintage shops I've visited. She stocks exquisite garments and accessories in great condition and prices them with affordability in mind. I left the shop with 2 pairs of shoes, 2 awesome suits and a gorgeous vintage coat with a fur collar for just over $50. I've never done that in St Louis unless I had to come home and do serious repairs and cleaning. At Brenda Sue's, you'll find plenty of suits and dresses but she also carries separates which is really nice for a gal on a budget. There's nothing that makes a wardrobe and a dollar stretch like mix-and-match pieces. Best of all, Brenda Sue's has an excellent selection of vintage pieces for us curvy gals and ladies with not-so-dainty feet (like me!).

In addition to the huge amount of quality clothing, I can't forget to mention the accessories! Oh, my goodness- I was in hat heaven. I while back, I mentioned a dream I had about going to a store loaded with exquisite, affordable vintage hats- well my dream came true today. Every color, every style, every material- all amazing!!

When I'm no longer looking for maternity-type clothes, I must return and buy some of those beauties for my collection.

If you live in Missouri or are traveling through, do make it a point to visit Brenda Sue's. I can't wait to visit again!!