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Ooops! It's January and I -still- haven't posted any pictures of all of my beautiful Christmas presents!
 Thank goodness,the holiday insanity has come to a close. This year wasn't as crazy as past adventures but it was still pretty rough. With Olivia being tired and cutting molars, it was interesting but I think Pj and I are a good team and we managed to keep Livvie comfy and happy without killing each other! :) Here's Olivia's new pearls *lol* I love this pic!!:

My favorite Christmas gatherings are mine and Pj's mom's houses and of course, our little Christmas- just the 3 of us. Olivia had a wonderful Christmas this year and got way more toys than I know what to do with.

This week, I sorted through toys and packed up some for the new baby and some to donate to our local Crisis Nursery, my favorite charitable organization.

Here are some of my new pretties....

new vanity containers from my momma.
pearl necklace and earrings with Coco Chanel purse mirror from my momma.

Fingerwaves book, Julia Child letters book, The Seven Year Itch, vintage galoshes and green bakelite bangle from Pj

Sew Retro book from my mother in law- really fun for beginners and more advanced seamstresses

I love some of the pics in Sew Retro- very inspriring!!

                    I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!!


  1. Happy New Year!!!

    Marvellous presents!! And: Vintage Galoches!! (yes, I want some, too..) ;")

  2. I can see PJ in her face with that smile! I'm glad you a had a great holiday, did you get a photo of the girls food? If not I'll take one for you and email it so you can show everyone your handy-work, so cool!

  3. I know, she has my serious, pissed off face but when she grins, she looks -just- like her daddy! I would love a pic of the girls playing with their food!!! Thanks! :)

  4. A big wow for the galoshes! And the little girl is so cute...

  5. Aw your daughter is as cute as a button! Loving your beautiful presents, that sewing book looks quite fantastic. Happy New Year! xxx Comtesse xxx

  6. Your daughter is a cutie! Lovely presents too! Over the Christmas holidays I found a 1967 cookbook from Better Homes and Gardens. In perfect condition. I'm loving it,with all of the recipes,and even tips on setting the dinner table,and how to can fruits,and veggies too. Have fun reading the sewing book.

  7. Loving the galoshes! And Olivia is getting bigger by the post!

  8. woah! where can I get sew retro!?! I need that!!!! no, really!! haha
    love, polly

  9. I shared the same experience as you, Mrs. Britney. My little one was teething Christmas day was the worest day. Poor Babies!!! I cant imagine how painful it is :(.

    I love the vanity containers the best!!!! so cute!! I am looking for a vanity, myself, since my little one is now sleeping on his bed in the middle room :)OUT WITH THE CRIB AND IN WITH MOMMY'S TOYS!!!YAY

  10. I have those same galoshes! But in black. I haven't found a pair of shoes to wear with them yet. I have one pair that is a close fit, but the heel is not quite high enough and makes a weird bend in the heel of the rain shoes. They're really cute and I look forward to using them this spring. Have fun with yours!

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac


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