Every once in a while, we go hang out at my mom's house for the day. We catch up on HBO shows that we love, Olivia gets to play with her grandpa and we hang out and make dinner. We went to visit last Saturday and this was my comfy day ensemble. Oddly, nothing I'm wearing is actually vintage but I was comfortable and relaxed in my knit top and stretchy skirt. I am so in love with this waitress diner top, which was one of my Value Village finds.  This was the day of -awesome- pin curls. Seriously, they were the best I've ever done. Unfortunately we had to run a few errands in the morning and it was very cold, very windy and raining so they flattened out quite a bit by the evening. I just did a very basic set this time, parted down the middle. I pulled my fringe up and styled it into a little roll just to get it out of the way.

          pink and black knit top: thirfted, Value Village
          black skirt: thirfted, St. Vincent De Paul
          black flats: thirfted