This weekend begins my long adventure of holiday get-togethers, which started Friday night with a meet-up with Amanda at a little Chinese restaurant. We had dinner, hung out and exchanged gifts. Amanda spoiled me with gave two beautiful vintage dresses, a brick red bakelite bangle (pictured below) and 2 pairs of earrings to match my dresses. She knows that my closet is seriously lacking in green (my favorite color) so one dress is green and the other is an adorable handmade maternity-looking dress with retro novelty print babies in carriages all over it. The green dress has the prettiest collar detail and I just love it. Well, you'll see it tomorrow!

I was lucky enough to find a vintage alligator purse for her, which she has wanted for ages. Its a bizzare thing with a head on it and everything but half the fun of vintage oddities is making people do a double-take. It's really cool because the stamp on the inside says "Made in Cuba" and the US doesn't get anything from Cuba anymore.
After dinner, we got to chatting about our local St Vincent De Paul Thrift Store so we pleaded with our guys to let us go shop and they, of course, said "sure!" They hung around reading books and we poked around the thrift store.
For this outing, I wore my new gray wool skirt, thrifted last weekend from Value Village. The waistband was all stretched out and messed up so I fixed it Friday afternoon and now it fits perfectly! The skirt lining is kind of a peachy coral so I paired it with this pink knit top and coral gloves, which I bought this summer and never got a chance to wear. I love this 1930's Spirit of St Louis airplane brooch. It's missing a few rhinestones, but I think it adds to it's character.


 My week has been downright dreadful and I was in much need of a little irresponsible retail therapy. On Thursday, Pj was sweet enough to take me to a thrift store and let me roam around until closing time. I found this beautiful pink knit top for just a few bucks. It reminded me of one of the gorgeous knits from A Stitch In Time so I had to grab it!

  Today is day 3 of this pincurl set. Its started to flatten out a bit so I fluffed it up with my boar bristle brush and pinned it back on the sides and it's looking pretty good for 3 days!