Oh, what a terrible blogger I have been this week! Life has been so crazy, I've neglected my computer!
Anyways, no friday night fashion and a movie tonight, hopefully I'll post it tomorrow!

Tonight, I went to my sister in law's house to watch her munchkins (2 hilarious and adorable little ladies) while she went to Zumba class. Pj watched Tosh.0, his very favorite show, next to Cash Cab and I chased the girls around, playing with animals, coloring and making chicken nuggets. I kissed a few boo-boos, put a bandaid on a hang nail and hopefully, wore them out a little bit for their momma!
Nellie (my sister in law) made her amazing chili, which I have been craving for the past few weeks. I tried to replicate it, but failed miserably...twice! I happily enjoyed a whopping bowl of it tonight.
Pj and Nellie always loved cooking with their mom when they were kids. Pj tells me stories of watching the Frugal Gourmet and creating delicious new recipes with his mom. In their family, the kitchen is where the heart is and you always feel the warm fuzzies with every delicious family gathering.
Pj's sister, Nellie LOVES to experiment in the kitchen and always comes up with the most mouth watering (and frugal) meals. Nellie's new mission is to continue cooking amazing comfort foods to soothe the soul while maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.
Do check out Nellie's hilarious blog, Cooking It Off, where she shares her amazing recipes, lol-worthy musings and motivation for taking a bite out of a healthy lifestyle.