I know, long time no see, right? I've fallen off the face of the internet this week but I'm back!
Ugh, I've felt awful this weekend so I haven't been online much. On the plus side, the weather has been beautiful so we got outside as much as possible! I love the fall in St Louis. It's cardigan weather and it's often sunny!
On Saturday, Pj, Olivia and I began the weekend with breakfast at Denny's. Olivia had lots of pancakes and orange juice. I really wanted the whole bacon and eggs breakfast but after a few bites I felt very *ugh*. After breakfast, we went for a walk around historic Main Street. I was really feeling the autumn vibe so I wore one of my new outfits from The Baleout A festival or event is always in progress on Main Street.

This weekend was a river race on the Missouri river, which runs right through downtown St Charles. A funny guy taking pictures at the race liked my style so he took my picture too! Main Street is full of quaint gift shops and other specialty stores. I was happy to see that a new soap shop opened because there is nothing that I love more than handmade goat's milk soap! The gal that runs the shop makes beautiful bath oils that look like artisan olive oils, hand made bath bombs and plenty of lovely soaps. I picked up a few samples while I was there!
After the soap shop, we popped into a microbrewery which is housed in the oldest building on the Missouri River. Pj loves unique beer and wines and Missouri has some of the county's best wineries. Our main attraction to the microbrewery was the cheese! We sampled brie, Gruyere and a 6 year old cheddar. Oh, how I love cheese. The cheddar was so fantastic that we couldn't leave without buying some, which we enjoyed as soon as we got in the car!
I popped by Amanda's house to drop off her camera that I borrowed and try her falafel, which was really yummy!
Sunday, I was really wanting some good produce so we went to my favorite produce stand so I could load up on plums, peppers, home grown Illinois peaches and some really yummy St Louis salad dressings. mmmmmm!!
So, it's been pretty relaxing around here. Pj was off work for labor day so we spent the day hanging around my mom's house, catching up on True Blood. Lovely!

Vintage Knit Top- The Baleout
Vintage Wool Plaid Skirt- The BaleOut
Pumpkin hat- antique shop Alton, IL
comfy flats- Target
green snood-Arthelia's Attic (etsy)
assorted bakelite bangles
Vintage Red Leaf Earrings-Temperamental Broad