easy step by step victory rolls vintage pin up hair tutoria
easy step by step victory rolls vintage pin up hair tutoria
For this tutorial, you will need:
bobby pins that match your hair color
hairspray- the cheapest, offbrand hair spray that you can find tends to be best because cheap spray often has a higher laquer content
a comb with a tail
a brush
a rat (if you don't have a rat, see my tutorial for how to make your own!)

I started with unwashed hair with second day pin-curls. It seems to make rolling a bit easier.
1.)Using the tail of the comb, section off the front section of your hair into a triangle, with the top point being directly on top of your head and the other points ending at your brow line as shown:

2.) Pull the rest of your hair back and secure it with a clip so it stays out of the way.
3.) brush the front section out and roll it up in the rat as shown. Make sure to roll the hair up very tightly so the ends don't puff out. This part takes some practice! I roll it up to the middle of my forehead but that's a matter or personal preference.

4.) Pin the rat to your head so the rat forms a "U" shape. Make an "X" with the pins to secure it in place.
easy step by step victory rolls vintage pin up hair tutoria
5.) Grip the rat in the center and very lightly pull the hair towards the sides of your face so that it spreads evenly across the rat. Be very gentle and make sure to fill in any gaps so that the rat is no longer visible. I use a comb to very lightly brush over the top to smooth it all out (you can see the smoothness in the finished product photos). Finish with a TON of hairspray. Ta-da! You look gorgeous!

Victory Rolls
If you have problems covering the rat with your hair, you can use a bit of hair from your hair brush to wrap around the ends of the rat or if you're freaked out by hair like me, you can buy synthetic hair from any beauty supply store to wrap around the end of the rat.

If you'll notice in the nest photo, my rat is visible on the side. If you place the rolls right over the ends of the rats, the rat won't be visible.

1.)Using the tail end of the comb, section the hair just behind the ears and forward as shown. Pull the rest of your hair back so its out of the way.

2.) brush out the side section of hair so that its smooth and apply a bit of hairspray.

3.) Hold the section of hair up and backcomb/tease it, applying more hairspray as needed. backcombing will make rolling easier, will help the hair to stand up longer and will also aid in the shape and volume of the roll. By the time you're done backcombing, your hair will look a mess, just like this.....yuck!

4.)Hold the teased section straight up in the hair and using two fingers (or just one if you want a smaller roll) wrap the ends of the hair around the fingers. Roll the hair downward and position the roll right where the ends of the rat are. Pin the roll in place. You can also position the roll on the sides of your head.

5.) Use a ton of hairspray and cup your hand around the roll while smoothing the hair out while it dries. repeat on the other side

6.) Finish off with a snood, a flower or just let it be!

If you tease your hair a lot for added volume, and pin the rolls very high, you can spritz on some shine spray and achieve this gorgeous Dita stye:
dita von teese hair

For more help with victory rolls, see my tutorial for basic victory rolls or leave a question in the comments box. Have fun!