I'm pretty down to Earth when it comes to the facts about my body. Like most of us curvy gals, I'd love to lose some inches. I've done tons of diets and have failed, I always promise to exercise and I don't. I lose 5 pounds and celebrate with chocolate and wine. I'll be honest, as of the moment, my measurements are 44, 40, 43....not so good! Realistically, I can't make my hip size any smaller no matter how much lettuce I eat! Hips are bones...your hip measurement is pretty much dictated by your pelvis and there is no shrinking your pelvis. My hip area is already bony so those 43 inch hips are here to stay. That's cool with me, though. Big hips aren't a bad thing! I've never met a man who doesn't like a gal with big hips. Big hips means you get a more hourglass silhouette when you have a smaller waist. Big hips means a big butt and any Queen fan knows that "fat bottom girls make the rockin' world go round." Pj likes big butts and he cannot lie, so yay for big butts and big hips!

The bust thing isn't anything I can deal with at the moment since I'm still nursing my little one. I must admit, the big boobs are pretty annoying when it comes to shopping vintage. I constantly battle with non-stretchy fabrics and the dreaded button-up gap! -Not- a pretty sight! Hopefully, when I lose a few pounds and as the peanut keeps eating more solids, I'll be able to report a slightly smaller bust but I don't hold my breath on that one! They've been obnoxiously big since middle school. In 7th grade, I flashed a locker room full of girls who spread rumors that I stuffed my bra! The next day, the whole school was whispering "Brittany definitely does NOT stuff her bra!" *hehe* So, I learn to live with it, but supportive bras and try to not knock anything over with them.

This morning, I was pouring over some vintage patterns thinking how life would be so much better with a great girdle. I've been drooling over a few of them for weeks now, thinking that a girdle is curvy gal must-have, especially if I'm going to start making my own seamed stockings! I found this one at What Katie Did and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! It even would fit those 43 inch hips...problem is, the waist size is 33 inches...and mine is NOT! So, that's my motivation! I started weight watchers today and began my day with a lovely breakfast of low fat vanilla yogurt (my favorite food ever) a breakfast burrito that I made with a whole wheat tortilla and some fruit. By the end, I was stuffed! So, here I go on my journey of yet another diet but this time, I have vintage fashion as a my motivation for success. No more *yay, I lost 5 pounds, I should go eat some cake!* I've printed a picture of my prize at the end of the race (pictured above) and stuck it on the fridge. Pin up girls don't eat pizza and neither do I! Wish me luck!!
Glamor Girdle above at What Katie Did