Enjoy my free sewing pattern for the Va-Voom Bullet Bra, along with with the bullet bra sew-along
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my first home sewn bullet bra

my bullet bra collection

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  1. THIS bra makes me want to sew my own bras, so I can have outrageously pretty bras TOO!!! :)

  2. Thanks for your pattern and instructions! I'm still new to machine sewing and adjusting patterns, but after four tries with minor adjustments each time( I was using some of my husband's old shirts to practise on LOL) I have a wonderful bra that fits! I'm hoping to never buy a bra again :D

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  4. I have a couple of dresses from the 40s/50s era that I am so excited to try with a bullet bra once I make one...the dresses look lovely on me but the darts are off with modern undergarments.

    Is there a pattern for padding for the bras?

  5. Does the fabric have to stretch?

    1. Nope! I used quilters cotton for mine! Very comfy and breathable in the summer :)

  6. Hello Brittany,

    First, I want to thank you for this pattern.

    I'm not a very standard bra size... 30C. I end up buying A, B or C depending on cut. With that being said, I'm making the C cup pattern in a thin satin/spandex. I've made the muslin, everything seemed fine.

    I've sewn the spiral on the cups and the tip looks like a droopy nipple when draped over me. Prior to the spiral, it seemed like it was going to fit beautifully.

    I'm mulling over these possibilities
    A: my breast comes in a little too short, and I should alter the pattern.
    B: the spiral needs to be very tight at the apex point.
    C: perhaps I should ditch the spiral and use lines.

    Wondering if you have insight into remedying a droopy tip.

    1. I do! Most breasts can't fill out that tiny tip so women made bullet bra pads back then to fill them out! There's a you tube video tutorial here:

      You can also ditch the spiral stitching all together. Its a great 40s shape without. Maybe even sew a much larger spiral so its less pointy?

  7. Sewpatient@hotmail.comFebruary 10, 2018 at 8:46 PM

    Where can I get the pattern. I sew for old times burlesque costume and would love a bra like this for my costume. Any girdle patterns?

  8. Do you have a D cup model for a pattern yet? Thanks xx

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  10. HI Brittany
    First of all thanks for your bullet bra pattern. Nevertheless I nee soome help, I made the size C bra and it was too tight and to0 pointy after i stiched the spirals. So I made anotherone size DD I tried it on without the spiral and I was OK, but once again when i stiched the spirals, it was too tight and to0 pointy
    I undid th e spiral on the size C and then the bra was alright!
    I have a What Katie did bra size C like yoursand it fits
    So my question is: Should I cut the cups on the bias? Or do yo have any idea what I did wrong.
    Thanks for your help a lot
    Sorry if I sound silly, but it's my first attempt making bra

  11. Brittany I am sorry for sounding so stupid but where do I find the bullet bra pattern?
    Thank you

  12. Hi I can’t find the pattern anywhere, did it get removed? :(


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