Peek inside Senior Prom Magazine 1951


Here's a look inside another vintage magazine from my collection. This one is Senior Prom magazine from 1951. It reminds me a lot of today's Seventeen Magazine with a lot of fashion and beauty and articles about skin care, relationships and being a teen. 

 I especially loved the spread about hairstyles to wear with hats. If you enjoyed this post check out my other old magazine scans


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I love the fashions from this era (I was born in 1957)...something so pure and innocent about these styles. I remember dressing up for church every Sunday, polished shoes, hat, gloves and matching purse. I continued to do so even when my boys were young. I regret getting away from that habit. Casual dress is so acceptable everywhere now, that it's disappointing. Thank you for the trip down memory lane.

  2. Although I am far from being a teen I would love to own most of the dresses, especially the stribe one in the last photo. Thank you for sharing. Have a nice day, dear. :)

  3. I spruced up for chapel each Sunday, cleaned shoes, caps, gloves and coordinating satchel. I kept on doing so in any event when my young men were youthful. I lament escaping from that propensity. I am a long way from being an adolescent I couldn't want anything more than to possess the greater part of the dresses, particularly the stripe one in the last photograph.Front Closure Bras for Seniors


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