Pj was off one day while the kids were in school so we did a little grocery shopping and relaxed at home, binge watching Corner Gas on Amazon, which is hilarious. While folding laundry, someone on the show made a joke that had Pj wheeze-laughing for so long I thought he might pass out from lack of oxygen. 

To the store I wore this cozy cashmere sweater that I thirfted a while back and this cheery yellow pencil skirt. I love this skirt but the fabric is one of those that wrinkles the second you sit down! The straight skirt/loose sweater thing has been my at home uniform this winter. I've been collecting a lot of style and sewing inspiration from 60s icons on my Pinterest and it look like a favorite combination from the likes of Anna Karina and Jane Asher. 

Another go-to lately have been knitted headbands. I knit this one while watching Roman Holiday and it was a pretty quick project and good stash buster. I didn't use a pattern for it, just cast on about 15 stitches, knit two rows, purl two rows in a chunky mustard yarn. 

I decreased about two stitches on each side when I got to the back of my head so the band would be thinner back there but that's it! I want to knit more in different colors. 


These bakelite hoop earrings were a mother's day gift from my husband and kids when my little Rhys was just one month old! I keep them with my most treasured things like a bracelet Rhys made for me out of a cheeze-it bag one afternoon. Its too small to wear but I love it anyway. 

If you're interesting in rocking a beehive, check out my tutorial for a lazy girl's beehive for this quick retro updo. It's a breeze and you don't have to tease your hair very much, if any!

cashmere sweater- thrifted
headband- knitted by me
no regrets seam ripper brooch- Colette Patterns
skirt- thrifted
bakelite earrings- gift from my family