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GownTown blue retro plus size dress via Va-Voom Vintage

A few nights ago, before bed chicken and dumplings popped into my head. I don't usually make them because Pj doesn't care for them but I decided I would wake up in the morning and make a batch for myself. My mom always made amazing chicken and dumplings. Hers were packed with vegetables and had biscuit type dumplings. I had a great grandma from Arkansas who made chicken and dumplings from the chickens in her back yard. They were southern style dumplings in a humble but flavorful broth. These were the kind I craved. I should have called my sister in law or mother in law for their recipe because theirs is the old fashioned simple classic that kept me up at night but instead I searched the internet for a similar recipe.

I did find several recipes with great reviews so I picked one and gave it a whirl. I also didn't use whole chicken, I used chicken breast and a really good organic store bought broth. It wasn't the same as a true from scratch soup but it was pretty darn good for my lunch that day.

GownTown blue retro plus size dress via Va-Voom Vintage

The dumplings proved to be trickier, however. I tried one dumpling recipe, which turned out too soft and fell apart. Then I tried dumplings from Paula Deen. You'd think a butter obsessed Southerner like Paula would have a great dumpling recipe but hers were tough. Finally a third recipe from Pinterest yielded not perfect but pretty close results and I was hungry and tired of these shenanigans so I went with that one.

At my sister in laws house for dinner, the night after, she told me her dumpling recipe and promised a chicken and dumplings night where we can make it together and I can learn their amazing family recipe. I can't wait!

GownTown blue retro plus size dress via Va-Voom Vintage

For my housework and soup making day I wore a new dress from GownTown on Amazon. I have been eyeing some of the inexpensive retro style dresses on Amazon for ages but I never bought any because I was afraid they wouldn't be like the photos. I went ahead and ordered two because I figure I can always return them if I didn't like them. Well I loved them! I was pleasantly surprised that the size chart is accurate and they weren't too short. The fabric in both dresses that I got have some stretch too so they're very comfortable. I'm definitely going to order several more GownTown dresses!

Dress: GownTown Dress via Amazon
Apron: Vintage, thrift store find
v for victory brooch: Vintage, flea market find

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  1. You look adorable - the blue color is so pretty with your red hair.

  2. Brittany, when you and your sister in law make her recipe, please share with us. My Great Grandmother lived in Muscatine Iowa and made the best chicken & dumplings and I never wrote down her recipe, of course, she never did do measurements, maybe that's the secret....Vicky

  3. Still enjoying your blog! I have been reading since 2010 and still my favorite. I am looking for a 1940s purse and wondering if you know of some online vintage shops that are reasonably priced.


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