Last night before bed, Pj took the trash out and came inside with big chunky snow flakes clinging to his hair and jacket. We had the first snow of the year! Although I had just tucked the kids in for bed, everyone wrapped up and ran outside to catch a few snowflakes on their tongues and dance around. I love snow at night when everything is so quiet and the streetlights shine through the fall.

 I woke up to a less picturesque scene where the snow had melted and turned to muddy leaves and it was just cold! I was going to go for a nice walk but the muddy trail didn't sound very nice so I decided to put the kettle on and spend the afternoon cozy and warm with my knitting needles instead.

Last month I started the Boardwalk Blouse knitting pattern from Poison Grrls. I found her patterns through a knitting group on Facebook. They had a knit along for this a little while back but I didn't participate because I'm a very slow knitter! This has been a really fun project so far.

Although its a simple blouse, there were some things that were new to me like using circular needles and knitting stripes. I've never knitted anything in two colors before but with the help of YouTube, I figured it out! I'm using Palette yarn from Knit Picks in black and tarragon. I really love the way its turning out. I can't wait to pair this blouse with a black pencil skirt or some comfy pants this winter.

Speaking of sweaters, I found this colorful vintage sweater at a thrift store in Illinois a few weeks ago. Pj had the day off work so he and I crossed the river to Illinois while the kids were at school. I was heartbroken to find that my favorite thrift store on the planet had closed permanently because the owners of the building refused to do repairs and the store couldn't find a new location nearby. I always found the best vintage there. But around the corner was a Goodwill so I stopped in and found this bright cheerful sweater, which is perfect for a rainy ol' day like today.

While knitting, I've been watching The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix, which is absolutely fantastic and terrifying. I finished "The Bent Neck Lady" episode the other night and Pj was so  freaked out, he had to put on The Great British Baking Show to help shake off the creepy vibes.