I'm trying to make more time to read this summer. Over summer vacation, we take the kids to the library every week for their summer reading program and free kids activities. I often bring home a few cook books and crafting books but rarely a novel. With my other hands-on hobbies like sewing, knitting, baking and gardening, there's not a lot of quiet sit down time to crack open a book.

The Help book

The Help Skeeter's blue harlequin dress DIY vintage style via Va-Voom Vintage

I started reading The Help last fall and although I loved it, I set it down one day and got busy with something else. I decided to finish it this week and read on the porch while the weather is not too hot. While reading, I remembered another thing I put down one day and never put on again, my DIY sweater inspired by Skeeter's blue dress in the movie. I did a blog post tutorial on how to make this harlequin sweater a while back so you can make one too!

The Help Skeeter's Sweater Vintage DIY

DIY retro style sweater via Va-Voom Vintage

The Help movie DIY Skeeter harlequin dress via Va-Voom Vintage

1950s plus size retro fashion blue wool plaid skirt via Va-Voom Vintage

sweater: thrifted and embellished by me
vintage wool plaid skirt- thirfted