Before I cut my hair short, I did a few tutorials for longer hair. This Ann Margret inspired updo makes me miss my long hair. Its tall like a beehive and 60s sophisticated. I've been in love with 60s styles lately but many of the elaborate hairstyles used hairpieces. Since my hair color fades with every wash and is livened up again every time I use my Overtone conditioner, its never quite the same shade so getting a hairpiece to match would be nearly impossible, I think. I decided to try this style with my own hair and a little help from a hair rat.

You will need:
a teasing comb
a hair hat- I'm using a mesh bun form from hot buns
a hair brush
bobby pins and a duck bill clip
smoothing cream or pomade
hair spray

Section off your bangs and pin them out of the way

Section the top of your hair, as if you're doing a half-up, half-down do, leaving a little bit of hair down at each side. Wind the ends of your hair around the middle of the rat and roll it down towards your scalp, rolling the hair forward. Pin each end of the rat down. It will look pretty silly

Next, backcomb those side sections and sweep them back, towards the ends of the hair rat. Wind the ends into a little pin curl and pin into place, covering the end of the rat.

Back comb your bangs root for volume and sweep them off to one side. I had a little extra hair left out with my bangs so I swept it back and pinned the ends behind the roll.  I used a duckbill clip to hold it in place and gave it a good coat of hairspray.

Next twist the back of your hair up into a french roll and pin into place. You can tuck the ends of your hair into the french roll, leave them out and curl them or sweep them up and over the big roll and tuck them into the fold of the roll, like I did here.

Finish with hairspray and smooth any frizzies down with pomade. If the back of your hair is messy, like mine can be, cover it with a decorative comb, bow or hair flower.

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