DIY Lemon Brooch


I needed a cute new brooch for spring. I love lemons so I thought "Hey, let's do a lemon brooch tutorial!"

I've made a million brooches in felt and shrink plastic so this time I wanted to do something different. I love the look of laser cut plastic jewelry but since we don't all have a laser cutter, I sat, thinking about what materials we could use for something like laser cut jewelry without the expensive machines.

My blog planner was laying at my feet and the shiny laminated plastic cover caught my eye. Laminate....plastic.... How about cheap plastic folders? Eureka!

You will need:
a few cheap plastic folders :yellow, white or clear/frosted, green. I used the back of this coupon organizer for my white plastic
E6000 craft glue or something similar
a pin back
this printable template { Download HERE from Dropbox }

trace your template pieces onto the folder with a white crayon or dry erase marker so it'll wipe away easily

cut out two yellow wedges and one white sectioned piece. You'll need a craft knife to carefully cut out some of the inside bits. Wipe the traced pattern away

Glue the two yellow wedges together

Glue the white section on top and wipe away excess glue.

Glue a pin on the back

And how cute is that?! You could do oranges, limes, strawberries, watermelon and all different shapes with these plastic folders. I love it!

If you enjoyed this tutorial, check out my ebook, Pins for Pin-Ups: DIY Brooches for Retro Girls, where I teach you how to make 12 vintage inspired brooches using supplies from the recycling bin.


  1. Super cute, I love that you used household stationary.

  2. I made one out of funky foam after making some for a card. Milk bottles can also be cleaned, cut and coloured in. Yours is very cool!!x

  3. What a cute idea! I love lemon anything, and this seems like a very simple and fun project.

  4. Lovely! Can't have too many brooches (though I AM trying!).

  5. Super cute! Spring definitely calls for citrus - real, wearable, you name it.

    Have a joyful Easter,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. Oh this is precious!! Can't wait to try this for the summer!

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts


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