The Best Vintage Hairstyle for Summer


On Saturday, we went to a party for Pj's cousin's graduation. It was a really beautiful and finally sunny day. The kids played in the sand and had a water balloon fight and the grown-ups enjoyed his grandma's much-loved whiskey sour punch, which she froze so it would be all slushy and wonderful.

I was sitting there, sipping my slushy punch but it was still very hot. I grabbed a hand full of ice from the cooler to hold on the back of my neck, when I got the idea to tuck the ice in my hair! I rolled my hair up that day and had the perfect spot for about 4 small ice cubes. As they melted, the water ran down, cooled me off and it was perfect! I'll probably do it like this every time I have yard work to do this summer. Try this version based on Allie's lake-side hair in The Notebook

easy vintage hair for summer

plus size vintage style summer dress from Tatyana Boutique

plus size vintage style summer dress from Tatyana Boutique

Dress- Tatyana
Bolero- Handmade by me from a 1940s pattern
Bakelite earrings- St Charles antique mall 
Shoes- left under the picnic table


  1. Your dress is just lovely, if you have some sunshine to spare can you send some over to the UK we are a bit short this week x

  2. That is a very cute style! My hair is a bit short for that particular look, but I do love doing twists and rolls - they're so quick and easy, but they always look really pretty. Really digging the outfit too, you look lovely.

  3. What a clever idea! It reminds me of a much less messy version, in a roundabout way (and for a different purpose), of the perfumed wax cones that the ancient Egyptians used to let melt down and over their heads.

    Fabulous dress! I really like the colour palette. It has autumnal notes, but suits summer wonderfully, too.

  4. This dress is fabulous! And the bolero is fabulous also. Love it!


  5. so nice hair style!...also the dress & bolero is very charming on you...cheers!

  6. Love vintage style in everything! Styling my hair in vintage updos is my passion! I believe they have always been looking trendy and sexy.

  7. Your look has nice color scheme. I like it!


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