Pom Poms and Novelty Brooches


This week, I've been getting back to business after my few weeks of flu-induced down time. I find that the best way to get my groove back is through crafting! I've been gearing up for my first festival vending at St Louis Spring Fling (see my visit last year) and adding some pretty new things to Wacky Tuna to bring with me

I sewed these little zipper bags with my watercolor doodles heat-pressed into them. I love the colorful zippers and dotted lining.

vintage pin curl and fingerwave storage bag from wacky tuna on etsy

vintage sewing supplies storage bag from wacky tuna on etsy

vintage makeup bag from wacky tuna on etsy

retro cat eye sunglasses bag from wacky tuna on etsy

When my grandma was a teenager, all of the girls wore these fur peter pan collars with pom pom ties. She said it was kind of like a competition to see who could get the biggest pom poms. They all wore bullet bras, tight sweaters and these bouncing balls of fluff. This week, I sewed up a few in faux leopard fur with black velvet ribbons. Grandma said hers was pink with yarn ties, which sounds divine so I think I will have to make some of those in the future!

faux fur leopard pom pom peter pan pin up collar from wacky tuna on etsy

faux fur leopard pom pom peter pan pin up collar from wacky tuna on etsy

Yesterday, I worked on some new brooches too. I finally got my much-loved Bad Kitty up, along with some Pyrex. I also re-worked the designs that I already had to make them bolder and just a little bit smaller.  I love how they turned out! Pj cuts these for me on his scroll saw so I was a little nervous about making them too small but I think they're just right! See them all in the shop

retro novelty pyrex and vintage kitchen brooches from Wacky Tuna on etsy

For those that have been waiting for the 40s fashion calendar posts, now that I'm up and moving, I'll be posting some catch-up posts for those that we missed this month and last so stay tuned!


  1. Love how your collar with the pompoms came out. Very Nice.

  2. So glad you are feeling better!

    Love, love, love the Bad Kitty! Super cute :)

    Looking forward to the 40's calendar posts even though I've been bad about keeping up! I just got a new sewing machine, though, so hopefully soon!

  3. Yay! So glad you are feeling better!

    Those little zip pouches are divine, and the pom poms are too cute!

  4. Fabulously cute, and very creative, new items one and all. You look so great in that collar.

    ♥ Jessica


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