This morning, Olivia and I popped out into the alley for some outfit pictures. I let her press the shutter release button on my camera remote, which is something my kids always fight over! I often wonder what it will be like for the kids as they get older, having a fashion blogger mom, always dressing up, taking pictures in weird places and such.

vintage plus size 60s style beehive and pyrex brooch

When I was a kid, my mom was a housewife too but she was also an artist, often working for local 90s rock bands, which was kind of odd. We spent a lot of week day afternoons in empty nightclubs while mom painted murals and the bar tender served all of the orange soda and bar snacks that my sister and I could handle. We got home a few hours before my dad came home from work and mom would whip up dinner and clean her brushes.  On weekends, one of the bands would practice in our basement and my sister and I loved hanging out with their girlfriends. They were all skinny 20 somethings with huge blond hair, tiny mini skirts and impossibly high heels.

My kids will have memories of me digging through basements at estate sales while their dad holds their hands saying "no running! You have to stick with me!" and letting them pick out little trinkets from some box of odds and ends if they behave. They'll remember that I always wore an apron with some wonderful print while I washed dishes. I hope they remember all of the vintage shops and antique shops with old lady shop owners giving them candy.  If they don't, they will always have mom's blog to go back and read, watching themselves grow up in my archives.

pyrex graphic novelty brooch from wacky tuna on etsy

60s dress- thrifted
pink bow belt- gift from a blog reader
carved fish shoes- bought on our honeymoon in Florida