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So, last weekend we went grocery shopping and I found the most beautiful mangoes. I love juicy, sweet mangoes! They're wonderful in a smoothie or green salad or just by themselves. Unfortunately, I'm apparently very allergic to mangoes so I've been avoiding outfit pictures and lipstick all week! ouch!

During the past few days, I've been doing some spring cleaning, waiting for the allergy medicines to do their job and getting ready for some new sewing projects. In my craft room, I've had several boxes of vintage magazines that I had hoped to go through but since I haven't cracked a box open in months, I think it's time to find a new home for them. I'll be listing loads of vintage craft and womens magazines on instagram @wackytunavintage all weekend. I'm posting them in lots of 5 or 6 with super cheap media mail shipping to the US so you can start a vintage magazine collection of your own! I've been looking through them as I sort and even the 70s and 80s issues have some really fantastic retro style holiday crafts, housekeeping tips and recipes.

This morning I also listed some brand new knitting bags at Wacky Tuna since most of them sold out so fast last time! I also updated the listings with international shipping rates for you gals across the pond.

straw knitting purses from wacky tuna on etsy via va voom vintage


  1. Oh no, I'm very sorry that you experienced an allergic reaction to mangoes. I think it's more common an allergy than many suspect (I've heard numerous people say they were allergic to them over over the years).

    Fingers crossed that you feel good as new in no time and that your magazine sale goes wonderfully.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Oh my, those bags are adorable! Also, sad to hear about that mango allergy. :(

  3. Be very careful! My sister-in-law is really allergic to poison ivy and didn't realize that mangoes and poison ivy are related. She was in Sri Lanka when she discovered that. Most of the reaction comes from cutting the skin, because you release the oils. I hope you are better! That's an awful thing to happen.

    1. That's what I found out too! The skin and of course, the tree sap and such. I had my husband peel them and I didn't touch any of the peel or area that he used to cut them and I still had a reaction! So, no more mangoes for me!

    2. That makes me sad! Maybe you will outgrow it? I outgrew my shellfish allergy! There's hope!

  4. I'm loving those cute bags! Makes me wish I knitted more. Very sorry to hear about your Mango Allergy, that would suck big time.
    I'm Eagerly awaiting the next installment of the 40's fashion Calender :)


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