I recently decided to take my outfit pictures in the morning, instead of the afternoon. My husband set me up with a working tripod and remote so I can take my own pictures now. It's working out well so far. My alley behind my house is lined with adorable shabby garages in all different colors, old fences and the occasional friendly wandering dog. On sunny days, it gets really pretty light and since we live a block from the Missouri River, we get a lot of heavy fog, which I think will look gorgeous in pictures.

In my snapping away and prancing around in the alley, I didn't account for the carpet cleaning company a block over, which has its fleet of trucks leave every morning between 8-9. So this morning, every carpet cleaning guy took a minute to stop and stare at the weirdo in the alley, posing in front of a tripod at 8am in a skirt and heels.  That's my "go away, carpet guy!" face


In other news, I made some really cute straw purses that I just listed in the shop this morning! They're all a little different, with little swatches of knitting  that I knitted myself.  Check them out at Wacky Tuna. Also, horray for a good hair day!

blouse- made by me
green skirt- thrifted
heels-maybe Target?
Italian mosaic brooches- gifts from friends!
enamel umbrella brooch- St Charles antique mall
straw purse- Wacky Tuna