Wierd Girl In the Alley


I recently decided to take my outfit pictures in the morning, instead of the afternoon. My husband set me up with a working tripod and remote so I can take my own pictures now. It's working out well so far. My alley behind my house is lined with adorable shabby garages in all different colors, old fences and the occasional friendly wandering dog. On sunny days, it gets really pretty light and since we live a block from the Missouri River, we get a lot of heavy fog, which I think will look gorgeous in pictures.

In my snapping away and prancing around in the alley, I didn't account for the carpet cleaning company a block over, which has its fleet of trucks leave every morning between 8-9. So this morning, every carpet cleaning guy took a minute to stop and stare at the weirdo in the alley, posing in front of a tripod at 8am in a skirt and heels.  That's my "go away, carpet guy!" face


In other news, I made some really cute straw purses that I just listed in the shop this morning! They're all a little different, with little swatches of knitting  that I knitted myself.  Check them out at Wacky Tuna. Also, horray for a good hair day!

blouse- made by me
green skirt- thrifted
heels-maybe Target?
Italian mosaic brooches- gifts from friends!
enamel umbrella brooch- St Charles antique mall
straw purse- Wacky Tuna


  1. That is seriously SUCH a cute straw purse!! Love it! And I have to laugh at taking photos in the alley, I've done that too several times. One time I dipped into the yard when I heard a car coming. And since we only have a chain link fence on the side I went into, I'm sure the driver wondered what the heck a dressed up girl standing there with a camera and tripod was doing. ;-P

    1. Haha! I do that all the time! I have a really strange neighbor and every time I see him come out while I'm out doing outfit pics I go right back inside. I don't know how I'd explain this to him if he asked!

  2. What a great purse, you are so very creative with your crafting! Well done.

  3. Bwahaha!!! I SOOO know this feeling of getting looks when you are shooting! However I have yet to experience it on my own, as my husband takes my photos.

    Your outfit is darling, and I love how you paired multiple brooches together!

    Also your purses are fabulous!


  4. Oh, the weirdness that is taking photos of yourself in public. But hey, a blogger's gotta do what a blogger's gotta do!
    Love the outfit, and I'm dying over those straw purses. They are so cute! You are so creative and talented. I have a couple of friends that immediately came to mind when I saw these, I might have to find an excuse to give a few presents...
    Jessica, Zella Maybe

  5. I have one of those beautiful mosaic brooches as well, but I snapped the pin right off the back! Oh, I felt sick. Yours are so beautiful, I especially love the... sitar? mandolin? (I'm bad at instrument identification, lol!) And my goodness, I love your purses! I can't wait to grab one.


  6. I adore all the cute details of your outfit! The brooches are super sweet, I love how you are rocking the socks & heels look, and the print of your top is lovely. But please can we all stop and drool over your straw purse?

    Seriously, a genius idea, and I just the love the execution! The pompom trim is like the most perfect addition, and the knitted swatch is gorgeous. I'm so loving this outfit from top to bottom, it looks super fabulous on you Brittany!

    Oh, and the awkward taking photos in public and people staring at the crazy chick running back and forth with her camera and tripod? I soooo feel you on that one. It's just the worst when there are people watching you take outfit pics! :S

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  7. Hey, hey!
    You are not a weirdo lurkig in the back alley - no way!
    No gal dressed like that would ever consider hurting anyone (there's a risk of disfiguring a perfectly ase,bled attire, so there you have it). :)


  8. Looking good!
    I always have a crowd of workmen starring crazy at me while we take picture...

  9. That purse is seriously awesome! I'm not even a knitter and it turned my knees to Jell-o instantly! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  10. Love micro mosaics and the straw purse is too awesome!


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